Hey, Michael Owen! Don't Retire, Come Back To Liverpool!

Neri SteinFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2010

Michael Owen in a Manchester United jersey just doesn't look right, but Liverpool can fix that next summer.
Michael Owen in a Manchester United jersey just doesn't look right, but Liverpool can fix that next summer.Michael Regan/Getty Images

Michael Owen broke Liverpool fans' hearts around the world when he signed for Manchester United last summer. This boy was raised at Liverpool, had his best moments as a Red, and even won the World Footballer of the Year title in 2001.

His mark on the footballing world, for club and country, has faded ever since he left the Reds for Real Madrid in 2003 which was followed by three forgettable years with Newcastle. Owen has now said that if Man U releases him next summer, his playing days will likely be over.

Most Red fans were probably hoping that Rafa Benitez would've been the one to snap the now 30-year-old Owen up last summer on a free transfer like he did with Robbie Fowler in 2006. Unfortunately, the Spaniard didn't seem to want him, and arch-enemy Sir Alex Ferguson pounced. 

Since then, he's played a bit part for the Red Devils in between his never-ending injuries (Fernando Torres has nothing on him). He has failed to win a meaningful trophy and likely won't this year either. Yes he's worn the enemy's colors and defended them, but that shouldn't change the hearts of Liverpool fans forever. 

He spent his best days at Liverpool, and for that he'll always be remembered as a Liverpool player. So why shouldn't we bring him back and see if he gets some of his flare back? 

With his recent record and older age, he wouldn't expect to start upon arrival, but just seeing him on the bench regularly would give the team and especially the fans a boost. When "God" (Fowler) returned, he didn't play much for a season and a half, but his presence was what mattered. Having Owen in the squad would be a reminder of what Liverpool used to be and most importantly, what it can be in the Premier League era. He's also a player that can score clutch goals. 

It may have hurt pretty bad when Owen signed for United, but Liverpool fans have the next seven months to ease that pain and forgive their former son. Despite his injury woes, Owen is too young to be talking about retiring, and Liverpool just can't let one of its own leave the game in the wrong red.