"The Dog Ate My Contract"—Rich Rodriquez Lies Again

frank martinoCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2007

IconDon't believe it. 

Rich Rodriquez is blaming Ed Pastilong and WVU for his quick exit. 

Mountaineers are gullible, but not stupid, Rich!  We believed you last year when you said you were with us for the long haul, and then you left for the Wolverines.  

I have known Ed Pastilong for a long time.  He is a true Mountaineer—one who believes that his word is his truth.  Ed is one of the nicest guys you ever will meet.  He embodies what West Virginians hold dear to them—honesty and integrity. 

Ed Pastilong treats you with respect and kindness, even when he meets you for the first time.  If he told Rodriquez that he would work on the problems after the bowl game, then that is what he was going to do. 

Ed has no reason to lie. He is not the kind of person who would jeopardize the Mountaineer athletic programs with false statements. 

Besides, Rich: if those were problems, why bring it up now? 

You are the liar.  You are like the kid in school looking for a quick lie to explain his own shortcomings, blurted things out to justify your sneaky behavior. 

Actions speak louder than words, Rich.  Your actions tell us that everything you said about being the head coach of the Mountaineers for a long time was a lie.  Now you are making up more lies to cover your previous lies. 

Everything that you did for and said about the Mountaineers now means NOTHING.  To us, they were nothing but lies.  You are a self serving nut.  Even your hometown is disgraced by you; they took down the sign that says "Home of Rich Rodriquez."

You will get to see new signs at Michigan, though.  They will hold up signs like, "Get Out, Hillbilly Rodriquez!" 

What lies are you going to tell them?  Well, I guess you started off strong when you said that you would be there for a long time...you couldn't even say it without swallowing the words. 

How can recruits trust you?  You will say anything to get your way.

Rich, do you know why sports are valued so much in today's American society?  Because on the field, court, or diamond, people can see the real truth—athletes fighting on the field of battle for victory, using their pure talents! 

There are no lies, no stories, no undercutting.  It may happen in the coaching box, or maybe amongst the referees, or perhaps commentators—but sports in general is a place where truth can be seen with your own eyes.