2010-11 NBA Predictions: 10 Reasons Why Deron Williams Will Be The Best PG

Andrew Wallock@andrewwallock8Contributor IOctober 28, 2010

2010-11 NBA Predictions: 10 Reasons Why Deron Williams Will Be The Best PG

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    The title of best point guard in the NBA has been going back and forth for a number of seasons. The question of who is the best is quite intriguing. Is it Deron Williams? Is it Chris Paul? Could it even be Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, or someone else? 

    The debate mostly exists between Deron Williams and Chris Paul, two players who were selected back to back during the 2005 NBA Draft. D-Will was selected as the third overall pick, with CP3 going directly after at the number 4 pick to the New Orleans Hornets. 

    Ever since then, the two gifted guards have been dominating the league and both have been named All-Stars. At this point, in my mind, both are even in the race over who is the best PG. But this year, the distinction will be established. 

    Here are ten reasons why Deron Williams will be the indisputable best point guard in the NBA after the 2010-2011 NBA Season. 

10. Loyalty

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    First of all, I know most of you will attack me for using this as one of my reasons, but hear me out. Loyalty is a big thing and there seems to be a lack of it in the NBA these days. Look at what LeBron James did and what Carmelo Anthony is doing. Chris Paul has been voicing his concerns with how the organization has been running and may demand a trade before the season is over. With a look at the Hornets roster, it doesn't seem like he'll be around much longer.

    Deron Williams will not follow this trend. He will be loyal to the Utah Jazz organization, because they have always shown a commitment to winning and surrounding him with fantastic players. Carlos Boozer took off for Chicago and the Jazz pulled off a steal-of-a-trade for Al Jefferson (who is better, in my mind). Kyle Korver followed Booze to Chicago and the Jazz were able to pull Raja Bell out of free agency. This organization is well run and committed to winning. D-Will can see that and will be around for the long run. He has the desire to play his heart out for a team that is dedicated to being the best they can be, and his stats will continue to show that. 

9. Supporting Cast

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    I already sorta addressed this in the last slide, but it's important enough to be a reason in itself. Deron Williams has a strong supporting cast, and without that he wouldn't be in the debate whatsoever. Evidence shows that superstars need strong players around them to contend for anything. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. Kobe had Shaq and now has Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Superstars can't do it on their own. 

    Deron Williams makes his teammates better, and in effect they make him better. Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Andrei Kirilenko, Raja Bell, and CJ Miles are a great supporting cast for this Utah Jazz squad. Riding on the shoulders of Deron Williams, they will carry each other to postseason success and continue to help him establish his place as the best point guard in the NBA

8. He is Built To Last

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    Sure, he has had various injuries in the past, but the truth of the matter is that he has body that was made for the NBA. Easily the biggest and strongest point guard, he can be an utter terror when driving to the lane and easily beats all other point guards in this category. He stands at 6' 3" and 210 pounds, with a frame to that allows him to throw himself inside. Smaller guards, such as Nash and Paul, don't possess these attributes in the paint. 

    As I stated before, Williams has an NBA-body, one that has and will continue to hold up through the grind of long NBA seasons. Chris Paul is coming back from a torn meniscus (a knee injury) which may continue to hamper his success and cause him similar problems in the future. 

    I'm not saying Deron isn't going to suffer a major injury. If he does, he has the work ethic to get himself back on the court as soon as possible. But let's pray to the basketball gods that that doesn't happen. Without a major injury and with the drama surrounding Chris Paul, D-Will should be alone in the debate for best point guard in the NBA by the end of the season. 

7. The Clutch Factor

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    There is no question about it. Deron Williams is superb in the clutch. This season will prove to be no exception. In clutch situations, you want the ball in his hands. Of all the players on the Jazz, D-Will is the most likely to get the ball in the clutch and also the most likely to nail that game-winning shot.

    The Jazz tend to always find themselves making strong comebacks in the 4th quarter. Expect more of the same this year, as D-Will continues to will his team to come back from big-point deficits and then finds the ball at the end to seal the win. 

    Enough said. 

6. The Great Motivator

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    When I look at the picture that goes with this slide, I see a coach and his former player who have such great respect for each other. These two, in a sense, owe each other their careers. Jerry Sloan would not be regarded as one of the greatest coaches of all-time if it weren't for John Stockton and vice-versa. Sloan gave Stockton the chance, and Stockton didn't disappoint. Now, he's arguably one of the best point guards to ever play in the NBA.

    Deron Williams, one day, will be sitting in that chair, probably right next to Jerry Sloan. For all who know about Jerry Sloan's hard-nosed, no-nonsense policy as a coach, you would understand how hard it is for certain players to excel in such a situation. It's easy to become discouraged and think you're not getting anywhere. Sloan demands and expects the best from all who step on his basketball court. His hard-nosed motivation can either make or break players. But not Deron Williams. He struggled at first in his debut with the Jazz, but ever since has dramatically improved to become what he is today. I don't think he'd be the same point guard that he is today, if it weren't for Coach Jerry Sloan. Some may differ in opinion, but I stand by this. We saw what Sloan helped Stockton to become...he's doing the same for Deron Williams. 

    This season will prove to be the same. Jerry Sloan has been snubbed of the Coach of the Year award for 20 years, and this year may be the year he gets it. As Deron Williams establishes his place as the best point guard, credit should be given to Sloan for pushing D-Will to be the best that he can be. 

5. Playoff Performance

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    Deron Williams came alive in the playoffs last year. National attention came down on him and he certainly did produce. It seems that he single-handedly took down the Nuggets in the first round when teammates Mehmet Okur and Andrei Kirilenko both fell to injuries. Credit also should be given to Paul Millsap and CJ Miles, but Deron Williams was the focal point and the reason the Jazz advanced to the second round.

    D-Will produces when it becomes most important. Here are a bit of the stats from the past few playoff performances for him. 

    06-07 Season: 16.2 ppg and 9.3 apg 

    06-07 Playoffs: 19.2 ppg and 8.6 apg

    07-08 Season: 18.8 ppg and 10.5 apg

    07-08 Playoffs: 21.6 ppg and 10.0 apg


    08-09 Season: 19.4 ppg and 10.7 apg

    08-09 Playoffs: 20.2 ppg and 10.8 apg


    09-10 Season: 18.7 ppg and 10.5 apg

    09-10 Playoffs: 24.3 ppg and 10.2 apg


    As you can see, his playoff stats are slightly better than his regular season stats. When the game matters, he comes alive. With D-Will running the show, the Jazz have ,made a Western Conference Finals and two semi-conference Finals. With the Jazz a strong pick to make the playoffs again this year, expect another dominating performance that cements his legacy. 

4. All-Around Complete Game

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    I could delve deep into this category, but much of it would be lost on deaf ears. Suffice it to say, Deron Williams has the most all-around complete game for point guards in the NBA. 

    He shoots. (47% FG last year and 37% 3p FG)

    He drives to he basket and can draw fouls (his strong frame remember?). 

    He passes. (10.5 apg anyone?)

    He is one of the better defenders in the league. His defense stems above the range of just steals alone. He possess incredible footwork and timing for a point guard, and these sorts of attributes are extremely important when it comes to solid defense. This shows why he is such an excellent man-to-man defender. 

    His basketball IQ is extremely high, and when a play needs to be made, D-Will will make it.

    When the game is on the line and somebody needs to take the last shot, Deron will be there with the ball in his hands (unless he's injured and Sundiata Gaines magically ends up with the ball and miraculously scores the game winner). 

    Deron Williams possess the most complete all-around game in the entire NBA. His stats will continue to improve and with a better supporting cast, he can only get better from here.

3. Work Ethic

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    When D-Will was a rookie, he ended up in the Sloan doghouse. As I said before, it's tough to be a player for Jerry Sloan, especially if he questions your work ethic. For a bit, it seems that Chris Paul was a better selection and that the Jazz missed out during this draft. D-Will's rookie stats were a loley 10.8 ppg and 4.5 apg compared to Paul's 16.1 ppg and 7.8 apg.

    But ever since then, Williams has exploded on to the scene, upping his averages the very next year to 16.2 ppg and 9.3 apg. This is largely due to his amazing work ethic. This guy has exceeded all expectations placed upon him. In his college years, he played for a fantastic Illinois team but wasn't even the best guard on the team. He took a backseat to "better" players such as Dee Brown and Luther Head. Of all three, Deron Williams is the only one still in the league. 

    Williams has something to prove and is hungry. He knows how good he can be and has the work ethic to get there. This year is his year to firmly establish what he wants us all to know. We'll address this more in a later slide. 

2. A Born Leader

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    To be the best you must possess certain qualities. One of the qualities is irreplaceable. That is leadership. Without it, you won't go very far in certain situations. To be a superstar in the NBA, you MUST be a leader and have the respect of your teammates. Look how far Kevin Durant and Tim Duncan have come just because of their soft-spoken leading attitudes. 

    Deron Williams is the undisputed leader of this Utah squad. 

    In an article published Oct. 27, 2010 in the Salt Lake City Tribune, Jerry Sloan was quoted as saying,"“I think he’s made a lot of strides from where he started.The experience that he has, knowledge, all that stuff — he’s a terrific player. I think the experiences that you have over the years puts you in a position to be able to do those things; to be a leader; have the responsibility to get other players to play better. That’s the bottom line. That’s what leadership’s about.” 

    You can find the article here: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/jazz/50515006-87/williams-team-jazz-nba.html.csp

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Deron Williams has been through a lot in his time for the Utah Jazz, and all that experience adds to who is and where he is going. The ability to be a leader can take you far in life. D-Will will motivate this team to be what he knows it can be. This season will prove to be no fluke, much of which will be based on D-Will's ability to carry them as a leader. 

1. He Knows He Is

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    Confidence is key to being a superstar. Deron Williams has all the confidence in the world. Back in April he was quoted as saying to the Denver Post and Fanhouse on April 27, 2010:

     “I think I’m the best point guard in the league. … I thought I was the best point guard in the league for a while…No reason. I just think I'm the best."

    You have to think you're the best to be the best. Confidence, along with leadership, can also take you so very far in life. 

    Deron Williams is the best point guard in the NBA, and he has the game to back it up. This season will be a spectacle for all of us, as D-Will will take his game to new heights and FINALLY settles this debate.

    Who is the best? 

    Just ask Deron Williams.