Batista: The Animal...Or WWE's Old Lion?

Kyle BeanContributor IAugust 23, 2008

No matter what your choice, The Animal, Dave Batista, is still at the top of his game.

Not just physically, either. Despite being one of, if not the best, pound-for-pound strongest WWE Superstars, Dave Batista is 39-years old. Many fans are unaware of The Animal's age, and are surprised to here the number 39.

Although to the average athlete 39 years of age may be testing the limits of a physically active career, Dave Batista is hitting his stride...again. It took Batista 10 some-odd years to reach the pinnacle of the WWE, dating back to his battles against Kane as Leviathan, and being D-Von Dudley's Deacon Bautista.

Those roles have come and passed, and now after one of the biggest victories of his career over John Cena, one has to wonder if the World Heavyweight Championship will be safe around the waist of C.M. Punk much longer.

With the Championship Scramble announced, Batista is the odds-on favorite for the title at Cyber Sunday. Some may say that the Animal is getting old, and shouldn't be the face of the WWE. All I say to that is this: Ric Flair retired at age 59. That gives the Animal at least 10 more years in the business, assuming he has no major injuries or such circumstances.

Until Batista announces his retirement, its safe to say The Animal is at the top of the pack...for now.