Win or Go Home: Who Can Get Through Season Unscathed to Hit BCS Championship?

Dennis RightContributor IAugust 23, 2008

"Win or go home" seems to be the theme or this year's champion. I'm 99.9 percent sure that the two top contenders in this year's National Championship will be undefeated.

We have many possible outcomes, but look at the top 10: We have Georgia at No. 1. If Georgia goes undefeated, it deserves, more than anyone, to go to the title. Half of Georgia's opponents are ranked, including three in the preseason top 10 in LSU, Florida, and Auburn. I do not feel Georgia should worry until the Florida game. I'm hoping the Bulldogs win because I'm a 'Dawg fan, but, if you read between the lines, these two teams are pretty even. Last year, the 'Dawgs had an advantage at running back with Thomas Brown and Knowshon Moreno, but the Gators have some talent at the running back position this year.

Now to No. 2, OSU. There's not much to say here. Favorites the past two years and losers to an SEC team the past two years. They are going to get a surprise from Wisconsin or Penn State.

Ranked third is Southern Cal. The Trojans have to keep quarterback Mark Sanchez healthy. I do think they will lose to OSU Sept. 13, and that will be very costly. Otherwise, if they do come out on top, they don't play anyone that good. Maybe they should concentrate more on recruiting than taking South Carolina to court over the SC logo.

Oklahoma sits at No. 4. The Sooners are very talented, but not good enough to have an undefeated season in the Big 12.

Fifth is Florida. I don't have much to say other than I think the winner of the UGA-Florida game will go to and win the National Title.

Missouri checks in at No. 6. They can't beat Oklahoma.

No. 7 is LSU. The Tigers will suffer two loses. Last year they got lucky with Pitt beating West Virginia. That will not happen again.

Speaking of West Virginia, the Mountaineers are ranked eighth. They play in the Big East, and the Big East is not that great. They were sub-par even when Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College were there; go figure why they tried so hard to get into the ACC. The Big East is weak. I see them losing two games, if not three, this year. You can't run on them much. Their defense is good. Yeah, they gave up a lot of points last year, but that's what happens when your team is scoring a lot and the opponent has T.O.P. almost twice as much as you. I see them losing to Louisville, UConn, Cincinnati, and/or Auburn.

No. 9 Clemson and No. 10, Auburn are good, but they are not end-of-season top 15 material.

These are my championship predictions. My season surprises are 'Bama, FSU, VT, Michigan, and South Carolina. I do not think any of these teams will be championship material, but they all have the chance of being a two- or three-loss team. Maybe South Carolina with four losses. Once the Gamecocks get rolling, watch out.

Also, Michigan will beat some teams this year. Nothing great; even though the Wolverines are young, Rich Rodriguez is a great coach and loves to run the pigskin, and the Wolverines have had many good running backs. Look for Brandon Minor to step up.

The main team I consider overrated is Oregon. The Ducks were good until losing Dennis Dixon. Ranked 20th? Whats that about? They will be lucky to win seven games.