Philadelphia Eagles' Overachievers and Underachievers Through Week 8

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2016

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Since the Eagles don't play this week, I thought I would write an article on the guys that I have felt have underachieved this season and the guys I felt have overachieved.  There are eight guys on each list, though I have to admit, I just randomly came up with that number.  So let's get started.


1.  Kevin Kolb QB - I know Kolb has had a couple of good games but considering he came into the season as the unquestioned starter and lost his starting job after a horrible first half in Green Bay and then got injured, I don't see how he could not be looked at as underachieving. 

The Eagles got rid of McNabb with the intent on making Kolb their QB, and he lost the job to Michael Vick.  For that, he gets the top spot on the underachievers list.

2. Jason Peters, LT - Peters was signed last season by the Eagles to be a dominant LT.  He was a big free-agent signing and he has largely been a flop.  The guy gets more holding penalties than almost anyone and has not done a good job blocking.  A huge underachiever, though since he is currently injured, he still has time to turn things around for this season.

3. Mike Patterson, DT - Patterson has not recorded a sack and has had way too many games where I haven't even noticed him on the field.

4. Akeem Jordan LB - Jordan came in to the season starting at OLB and lost his job to Moises Foku, largely because, well, Jordan just isn't very good.

5.  Jason Avant, WR -   Always touted for having great hands, Avant hasn't done much of anything through seven games.  His one chance to make a good play he dropped the ball in the end zone that would have won the Eagles the game against the Redskins.  A guy with great hands has to catch that ball.

6. Ellis Hobbs, CB - After winning the starting job, Hobbs has struggled at times, especially last week against the Titans.  The only reason he isn't higher on this list is because I expected him to struggle, because well, he's just not that good.

7. Stewart Bradley, MLB - I have never been a Bradley fan but the Eagles were really high on this guy, and he has had a couple horrible games and has often been caught out of position.

8. Sean McDermott, DC - The only coach on the list, McDermott has been horrible, only reason he is not No. 1 is because I didn't expect him to be very good, but he is even worse than I imagined, and trust me, that is quite an accomplishment.


1. LeSean McCoy RB - McCoy was thought to be the next Brian Westbrook but no one knew for sure and no one thought he would develop  this fast, but McCoy has been spectacular, even playing with a broken rib.  Easy pick for the top spot, McCoy has exceeded everyone's expectations, even the Eagles coaching staff.

2. Michael Vick, QB - The guy won the starting job when no one thought he would and is playing arguably the best football of his life, despite an injury, Vick has been great and may have earned himself a contract with the Eagles next year, but if not, he earned himself a lot of money with someone next season.

3.  Jeremy Maclin, WR - I know we all thought Maclin was good, but he has been great this season.  When Jackson went down against the Falcons, Maclin stepped up and put together a huge day.

4. Anthony Dixon, DT - With Bunkley going down for the season, Dixon has stepped in along with Trevor Laws and done an admirable job filling in so far.

5. Nate Allen FS - Despite having a horrible game vs. Tennessee, Allen has three INTs already and has played way better than anyone the Eagles had at FS last season.

6. Owen Schmitt, FB - When Leonard Weaver went down in Week 1, I thought the Eagles were in trouble at the FB spot, but Schmitt has done a very serviceable job.  Considering no one knew who he was a couple weeks ago, that has to be an overachiever.

7. Riley Cooper, WR - Cooper has shown a lot of promise at times, both on special teams and last week receiving, stepping up for the injured DeSean Jackson and catching three passes and a TD. 

8. King Dunlap, OL - Filling in for the injured Jason Peters, Dunlap, who was never really highly regarded, did a great job vs. the Falcons and was playing well against Titans until he got hurt.

Well, that's my list.  Did I omit anyone?  Did I rank someone too high or low?  What is your list?  Post in the comment section!