What I Want from the New York Jets

Daniel SmithCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2008

Wow, am I excited! I'll be in attendance when the New York Jets head to Florida to face the Miami Dolphins on opening day. And I can't wait.


I have only been to one football game in my life and that was also a Jets-Dolphins' game. Unfortunately, my seats were so high, I felt like an ant collector watching his group play around in some grass.


But when Sep. 7 rolls around, I will be much closer. With seats in the second row, around the 20-yard line, I'm prepared to represent the New York Jets in full gear.


I purchased a storm trooper helmet which is now prepped and painted with a nice shade of hunter green. My green cape will also be resting on my shoulders come game time.


The wife is going to wear her green Jets' shirt with her hair down like a princess.


Dork? Hardly. I'm merely a Jets' fanatic that wants to represent my passion properly.


But more importantly, I want to see the Jets perform well.


I want to see Brett Favre continue to play as well as he did in the 2007 season.


I want to see Dustin Keller surprise the league as he opens up the middle of the field.


I want to see Laveraneus Coles finally get to show off his speed and burn people like I know he can.


I want to see Thomas Jones run for 1,400 yards and more than one touchdown.


I want to see Shaun Ellis man on man, for once.


I want to see Kris Jenkins and Vernon Gholston live up to their hype.


I want to see Darelle Revis truly come into his own.


I want to see rookie Dwight Lowery in the second slot at cornerback.


Despite being injured, I still want to see David Clowney make this team.


I want to see David Harris continue to wreck offensive schemes.


I want to see Kerry Rhodes finally get the recognition he deserves, and be named to the Pro Bowl come February 2009.


I want to see Leon Washington get more touches.


I want to see if Justin miller can actually play cornerback at a higher level.


I want to see David Barrett benched.


I want to see more touchdown drives, and less field goal drives.


I want to see 135 yards rushing, not 135 yards rushing allowed.


Most importantly, I want to see the New York Jets make the playoffs.


Go Jets!