Worst Year in NCAA Football History? Is Any Team Good Enough To Deserve No.1?

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Worst Year in NCAA Football History? Is Any Team Good Enough To Deserve No.1?
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Mack Brown to Assistants: "Gosh-durn-it! I'm Fixin' to Fire Somebody if Y'all Cain't do no Better 'n This Here!

What in The Hell is Going On in College Football?

Is this the worst college football season in years? The worst of all time?  

Exhibit No. 1:

Consider the example of the Texas Longhorns:

A capacity Texas crowd looked on in disbelief, and later in disgust, as the lowly UCLA Bruins—a team that had not beaten a ranked opponent on the road in nine years—abused the vaunted Longhorns.

Forcing four first-half turnovers and hammering the No. 2 defense in the nation for 264 yards, the Bruins unmasked the Longhorns for the pretenders that they are.

The nauseating, matchstick men who brought you the UCLA debacle were not about to stop there. No, they were just getting warmed up! After another ugly loss to Oklahoma at Fair Park in Dallas, the Horns bought a little redemption. Yes, that's right, they won a ballgame. They strolled into Lincoln, Nebraska—a hell hole for visiting football teams—and took 'em to the woodshed. Of course, the Huskers helped them out. They played a horrible football game, but more about that later.

One week after getting back on the horse that threw 'em, the Horns were again rudely knocked off their steed in full view of millions on TV. Only the rupture between FSN and Dish Network prevented the whole Orangeblood Nation from witnessing the blood-letting. This time, it was the Rompin' Stompin' Iowa State Cyclones!  

Holy smoke! Iowa State? Hmm, let's see, Iowa State has won—what, three ballgames in the past 18 seasons? Their last victory was over who? Oh yeah, the Korn-Kings of Big-Sorghum Junior College. Beat 'em 2-0! 

Predictably, Mack Brown was madder than a hornet. At his press conferences he railed against his assistants and players. Said he couldn't "trust" his players. Can't trust his assistants either. He really got riled up and stated talking like he might make staff changes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What a load!

Mack will ditch offensive coordinator Greg Davis (a cancerous tumor on the posterior of college football) if, and only if, the men behind the curtain at UT tell him to cut him loose or pack his own very expensive bags.

As surprising as the Horns reversal of fortune has been, their story is not unique. Not by a long shot. Over the past few years, the big dogs of NCAA football have run aground with surprising frequency.

Why are the best teams, the finest coaches, the greatest athletes, chokingin the most repugnant fashionnot just occasionally, but often, and almost predictably.

So...the question once again. This time with gusto! "What in the hell is going on in college football."

Is this simply a BAD year for college football, or is there another answer? Let's find out.

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