"Bushido: Code Of The Warrior" Preview, Dragon Gate USA's Biggest Event To Date

Ken DrabekCorrespondent IIOctober 27, 2010

Shingo took BxB Hulk's hair this summer. Will he take his title on Friday night?
Shingo took BxB Hulk's hair this summer. Will he take his title on Friday night?

Friday night marks perhaps the most historic night in the short history of Dragon Gate USA.

The promotion will take to Internet pay-per-view for the first time ever, joining up with gofightlive.tv to present “Bushido: Code of the Warrior” live from Fall River, Mass.

The complete card has been announced and it features some of the best talent on the independent scene today, along with the Dragon Gate stars who have continually impressed fans and critics alike.

Seven matches have been booked along with a unique “stable draft” which will see three Dragon Gate stables (World-1, Warriors International and Kamikaze USA) adding new talent to their ranks.

Each of the three stables will pick, in the respective order listed above, from a pool of twelve competitors from the American independent wrestling circuit. Some of the names available to be drafted include Sami Callihan, Chuck Taylor, Drake Younger, Johnny Gargano and Silas Young.

Homicide has also thrown his name into the draft pool in what comes as a rather surprising move. It’ll be interesting to see if the biggest name on the list goes first as this move will surely shape the future of the “Notorious 187” in DGUSA.

Aside from the draft, Homicide will also be in action at DGUSA’s iPPV debut. He will go up against up-and-comer Rich Swann, a high-flyer who also competes in Combat Zone Wrestling and Maryland Championship Wrestling.

Swann impressed Dragon Gate officials at their recent seminars and he now gets the opportunity to make his mark on arguably their biggest show to date. This is his official DGUSA litmus test.

Unfortunately for Swann, it comes against Homicide, a well-known star who is also looking to leave an impression on everyone watching on iPPV.

Multi-man matches have become a staple of every DGUSA show and their iPPV debut will feature a four-way “freestyle” match that could easily steal the show.

Ricochet, who blew away fans at his last DGUSA appearance, will be in action along with Arik Cannon, Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano.

All four of these men have been building up their reputations in the promotion over the past several months. Who will step up and take it to the next level?

One of CHIKARA’s most popular tag teams, the Osirian Portal, return to DGUSA and face an immense challenge in the makeshift team of Akebono and Brodie Lee.

Lee and the sumo legend are scheduled to face each other on Saturday in Rahway, N.J., but they must team up on Friday night against Amasis and Ophidian.

The size advantage clearly goes to the gigantic team of the 500-plus pound Akebono and his 6’7’’, nearly 300-pound partner who goes by “Big Rig.”

Despite the massive size disparity, the Osirian Portal has been teaming together for years and always work well with each other. The same can’t be said for their opposition. Can Lee and Akebono function as a team?

Austin Aries will make his official DGUSA debut at “Bushido: Code of the Warrior.” Not only will the self-proclaimed “Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” address the crowd and explain why he is now a part of DGUSA, he also faces a huge challenge when he goes one-on-one with the current Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Champion, Masato Yoshino.

Yoshino, who recently turned his back on longtime partner Naruki Doi and the World-1 stable in Japan, comes to Fall River with a chip on his shoulder.

Aries, who was let go by Ring of Honor last month, is looking to reestablish himself as one of the best in the world. The former two-time ROH World Heavyweight Champion must defeat the top man in Dragon Gate today in order to do that.

Tag team wrestling, Dragon Gate-style, will be on display when CIMA teams with Genki Horiguchi against Kamikaze USA’s YAMATO and Akira Tozawa.

If you are annoyed with how tag team wrestling has been treated in the WWE and long for the days of fast-paced, competitive, high-impact tag tam action, this is a match that you should watch.

These two teams are made up of some of the best talent in Japan, and each of them bring a little something different to the table.

DGUSA is hyping this match up as something special and from all accounts, it very well could be.

One of the fiercest feuds in wrestling today, the rivalry between Jon Moxley and Jimmy Jacobs, could be settled for good when the two meet in an “I Quit” match.

The hatred between these two has reached a boiling point. The bad blood has been brewing for months and after several battles, things have come down to this type of match, which is notorious for being violent and brutal.

In Moxley’s latest YouTube offering, he promises to victimize Jacobs at the iPPV on Friday.

Jacobs, who has overcome his personal demons and is looking to advance in the ranks of DGUSA, faces Moxley, a man who Jacobs says reminds him of himself when he was younger.

So far, Moxley has had the upper hand throughout this feud; Friday night could be the last chance at retribution for Jacobs.

The main event of the evening is an epic clash for the top title in Dragon Gate USA. BxB Hulk defends his Open The Freedom Gate Championship against Shingo.

They were once friends, even partners, but Hulk and Shingo have already collided a handful of times this year including a hair vs. hair match in July at the Kobe World Hall in Japan.

Shingo was victorious in what has been called a “match of the year” candidate and he now looks to defeat Hulk once more, this time with the belt on the line.

This one promises to be huge. If their previous encounters are any indication, fans should be expecting another top notch clash between these bitter rivals. This match could very well be worth the $14.99 price tag of the iPPV alone.

Hulk is the first and only man to wear the Open The Freedom Gate title. Shingo hopes to change that in Fall River, Mass.

The card is loaded. The possibilities of the stable draft are intriguing. “Bushido: Code of the Warrior” is shaping up to be Dragon Gate USA’s biggest night yet.

If you are a fan of wrestling, there may be cheaper ways to spend your Friday night, but they probably won’t be as exciting.