Eva Longoria: How She Stacks Up With New NBA WAGs Maria Sharapova, Monica

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 27, 2010

Eva Longoria: How She Stacks Up With New NBA WAGs Maria Sharapova, Monica

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    Eva Longoria is making me think NBA WAG Power Rankings time, and we have some new additions. The Lakers already touted the hottest ensemble of sideline beauties.  But now they have added sultry songstress Monica and tennis star Maria Sharapova to the mix.

    What is more is that a quick look at the WAG rankings reveals something else.  They match up almost exactly with the real NBA power rankings.  Could there be something to dating a really hot woman that allows you to produce more efficiently on the field of battle?  Or do the greatest just seem to always land the best? I don't care, let's look at some hot women.  

10: Denver Nuggets: LaLa Vazquez

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    With Carmelo Anthony safely on the Nuggets squad for now, we place them comfortably in the ten spot.  With Melo's summer wedding to television personality LaLa Vazquez this summer, their WAG credentials get a boost as well. 

Denver Nuggets: Piper Billups

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    Add to that the classically beautiful Piper Billups.  Wife of Chauncey something or other. 

9: Utah Jazz: Masha Kirilenko

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    What's hotter, the fact that she allows one infidelity a year for andrei or those pouty lips? I'm going to go with the body. Hers not Andrei's. 

Utah Jazz: Amy Williams

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    Look at how adorable Deron is wearing a hat for the first time. At least he didn't go hat, then skull cap.  That would have looked silly. Here he is with his wife Amy. 

8: Milwaukee Bucks: Reyna Magette

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    My god, Did I ever have to pour through the Bucks roster to find anyone that has even gone on a date.  Good thing Corey Maggette has it on lock with his wife Reyna Maggette

7: Oklahoma City Thunder:

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    Here is Nick Collison's wife Robbie Harriford on her wedding day.  Sorry no pictures of the honeymoon.  I tried. 

6: San Antonio Spurs: Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols

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    For a while Richard Jefferson was dating dancer Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols. He was even engaged to her, then he wasn't. Either way she is the one on the right. 

San Antonio Spurs: Eva Longoria Parker

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    Well, you can't show Spurs WAGs without Mrs. Spurs herself, Eva Longoria Parker. She even makes me forget how her husband has hurt my Lakers team throughout the years.  

    She is so hot that she has bumped the Spurs up to sixth in this list of WAG/Team Power rankings. 

5: Chicago Bulls: Tatiana Golovin

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    Rumor has it that Bulls center Joakim Noah is dating tennis player Tatiana Golovin. Here she shows off her assets. The eyes guys, her eyes. 

4: Orlando Magic: Royce Reed

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    The very stunning Royce Reed happens to be the mother to Dwight Howard's baby. We should all be so lucky. 

Orlando Magic: Rihanna

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    In 2009, Rashard Lewis was rumored to be dating R&B singer Rihanna. I thank him for that fact as it allowed me to look at a bunch of Rihanna pictures this morning. 

3: Miami Heat: Savannah Brinson

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    Here is the king with his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson. Here he is not passing to his teammates.

Miami Heat: Gabrielle Union

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    One of the best players in the world has snagged one of the hottest women. Dwayne Wade is dating the actress Gabrielle Union. 

Miami Heat: Gabrielle Union

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    She deserves another look. 

2: Boston Celtics: Julie Landry

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    Paul Pierce is married to the beautiful Julie Landry. I guess she is into guys who fake injury for the dramatic effect it will have when he returns from a wheelchair ten minuets later walking perfectly fine...Sorry Lakers fan. 

Boston Celtics: Brandi Padilla

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    Brandi Padilla is now Brandi Garnett. I wonder if he mutters expletives to himself at home the way he does on the court.  

Boston Celtics: Nicole

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    Shaquille has recently been rumored to have seen Flavor of Love contestant Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander. I hope she's not into free throws, because neither is Shaq. Hey-Yo!

1: Los Angeles Lakers: Silvia Lopez Castro

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    Pau Gasol is dating cheerleader Silvia Lopez Castro.  She is all bendy and stuff. 

Los Angeles Lakers: Monica

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    R&B singer Monica and Shannon Brown are in love. I am in love with Shannon Brown's ability to be awesome. Just like he was last night when he saved the day. Lakers haters did you see that? Did you? Guys?

Los Angeles Lakers: Maria Sharapova

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    Maria Sharapova is engaged to Lakers bench warmer Sasha Vujacic. Maybe she saw that stellar three pointer he hit one time a long, long time ago.

Los Angeles Lakers: Maria Sharapova

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    Another, just to get you mad at Sasha.

Los Angeles Lakers: Vanessa Bryant

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    The best player in the galaxy is also married to the hottest WAG, Mrs. Vanessa Bryant. She is really into championships. 

Los Angeles Lakers: Vanessa Bryant

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    Ah, yes an All-Star in her own right.