2008 Summer Olympics Come to an End—Now for Some Closing Thoughts

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2008 Summer Olympics Come to an End—Now for Some Closing Thoughts

There is much to be said about what has gone on at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.  From a very controversial beginning, to a record middle, and now closing out with a bang, the Olympics have been a nice change to the everyday sporting fan's life.

The Olympics have brought about new questions, future hopes, and possible changes to come. As the above picture denotes, the Games could arguably be deemed "Beijing Broken" with many records succumbing to defeat this summer.

And yet, the answer to the question above seems to be simple: Michael Phelps is the King of Beijing.

With all due respect to Usain Bolt, Phelps dominated like no other before him and that is something that can possibly never be duplicated.  Phelps gave his all no matter what competition it was and the same cannot be said for Bolt. Would Phelps have pulled up with a large lead?  The answer is simply no.

Bolt put up a number that is miraculous and comparable to Phelps' domination, but he decided to pull up with about 15 meters remaining and showcase his posing skills to the crowd.  Not necessary.

Moving on, what else will be remembered?  How about Nastia Liukin's overcoming bad judging in the ladies' freestyle in gymnastics to pull out gold?  What about Shawn Johnson's perseverance in the same event to go one-two with Liukin?

How about Marcio and Fabio's memorable matchup recently with their fellow countrymen from Brazil who won gold in Athens?

All these events and more will be benchmarks to be beaten four years from now in London, and if history proves itself expect more greatness to come.

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