Will the Next Notre Dame Tight End Please Stand Up?

Don Juan -- domerdomain.comCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2008

Losing Mike Ragone for the season might worry some, but really, this is “Tight-End U.”


After conversing with Kyle Rudolph at the spring game, we really shouldn’t worry about his mental approach.

He even passes the eyeball test in regards to physical size.

The question should really be, can Will Yeatman increase his numbers from last year?

And can Luke Schmidt make the transition from full back to H-back/situational TE?

While no one can answer these questions definitively, we can all agree to take solace in the fact that Notre Dame produces tight ends on a seemingly regular basis.

And having the nation’s former No. 1 tight end in our fold (Kyle Rudolph) should only increase our chances for a productive season from that position.