Brock Lesnar: Five Reasons Why He Needs To Work With Greg Jackson Now

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Brock Lesnar: Five Reasons Why He Needs To Work With Greg Jackson Now

Watching Brock Lesnar get beaten on last Saturday night taught us a few things:

1- Lesnar has more holes in his game than we thought. 

2- He needs a change ASAP. 


What kind of change you ask? Well it's simple really, he needs to actually start working with a camp outside of his own. Now while Deathclutch may be great for the former champ from the stand point of convenience, it's actually stunting his growth as a fighter dramatically. 

Each time that I have watched these UFC Primetime specials which feature Brock, it seems like the same old scenario. Lesnar charging in on someone much smaller, or pudgier, and pounding them into the mat with ease or his trainers and sparring partners practically gushing about how athletic their beast is. 

Well that's all well and good, but the formula that is Brock Lesnar has finally been solved and it is now time to go back to the drawing board. 

With that said, the first item on the agenda to rebuild is to seek out the guidance of a man named Greg Jackson of Jackson's Martial Arts. Why him you ask? Well let the folks at B/R show you. 

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