100 Facts About Bethany!! Part 3!!

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100 Facts About Bethany!!  Part 3!!

Here is part 3, to check out all of them simply click here.

51. I have a Canadian flag hanging in my room.

52. I would cheer for Marty Brodeur over the Blue Jackets.

53. I still have my Adam Foote bobblehead, not too sure what to do with it.

54. I love the Montreal Canadiens, and can’t wait to go to Montreal for the Draft!!

55. I love dried flowers.

56. I have pictures with my best friends ex-husband still up in a grame, also I have their engagement photo hanging on my fridge.

57. I love learning about writing, and I strive every single day to improve my writing.

58. I hate writing in journals…but I can blog…go figure.

59. My HLOG girls are like my sisters, I would do anything for them!!

60. I have an addiction to Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha, it’s bad.

61. I don’t like quitters.

62. I can keep a secret.

63. I have felt betrayed by my family on more than one occasion.

64. I believe you should be friends with everyone you meet.

65. If someone is mean to me, I don’t let it bother me.

66. I get so excited that I can’t sleep on Christmas Eve, yes, even now, that I’m 23.

67. I believe chocolate is a cure all.

68. I still enjoy coloring in a coloring book.

69. It wasn’t my idea to create a blog, it was my brothers, and then my mom gave me the idea to write about hockey.

70. I have a Blue Jackets calendar hanging by my desk.

71. I made my school schedule so I could still go to hockey games and watch them from home.

72. I can’t live without DirecTV.

73. I only went to one school dance in high school.

74. I wish I was crafty, and could make stuff like Elisa, I’m a bit jealous.

75. I wish every single day that my Uncle Al was still alive to help me figure out the crazy journalism world. He was a journalist, and probably one of the best in the business.

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