Why the NFL Needs Bill Cowher

Bill DowSenior Analyst IDecember 18, 2007

http://www.post-gazette.com/images4/20061217PD_cowher5_450.jpgWhen the victors hoisted the Super Bowl trophy on February 5th, 2006, there wasn't a coach in the NFL I despised more than Bill Cowher.

Cowher's smug look and cheek-to-cheek signaled the end of all hope in Seattle—and were met with nothing but venom in this Seahawks fan's heart.

But like Lois Lane in Superman Returns, I hereby profess that the NFL needs Bill Cowher.

It doesn't matter where he ends up—be it with the PetriNO Falcons, the Cam Clammering Dolphins, or the Nowin 49ers.

The NFL needs Cowher pacing the sidelines. His tenacity, his record, and his ability have made him one of the most feared and respected coaches in the league.

The only coach with better credentials in the NFL is Bill Belichick—and I wouldn't mind being No. 2 to one of the greatest coaches of all-time...even if he's filming me with a Handcycam.

Consider what Cowher did for the Steelers and the NFL as a whole...


- Drafted and developed an All-Pro QB.

- Handed the reigns to a first-time head coach who's currently 9-5.

- Had seven future head coaches on his staff (including Ken Whisenhunt and Marv Lewis)

- Won Super Bowl XL, a year after going 15-1 with a rookie quarterback.

- Notched 11 winning seasons in 15 years in Pittsburgh (149-90 overall).

- Spread his saliva-borne DNA through the famed "Cowher Shower."

Cowher's a knuckle-down coach who establishes order wherever he goes. He's the kind of guy any owner would want in the administration—just ask the Rooney Family.

Imagine what Cowher could do with the Stinky Fish. Ricky Williams would be long gone, and there'd be no passing over Brady Quinn for Ted Ginn—yet another blunder in a long line of Miami draft mistakes.

Or what about with the Niners? Cowher could establish a true starting quarterback, and a smashmouth defense à la the one he built in the Steel City.

Dare I say in a year or two, the team would good enough to make the playoffs?

As for Atlanta—Cowher probably has better things to do than rebuild a troubled franchise from scratch. But if he did decide to gamble his prestige, he'd be a safe bet to deliver.

I'll never forgive the guy, but I have to grant him that much.