Trick or Treat in Toronto: Halloween Costume Ideas For Maple Leafs Players

Jon NeelyAnalyst IOctober 29, 2010

TORONTO - OCTOBER 26: Mikhail Grabovski #84 of the Toronto Maple Leafs carries the puck against the Florida Panthers during game action at the Air Canada Centre October 26, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Leafs won 3-1. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
Abelimages/Getty Images

Some would argue that it always feels like Halloween around the Toronto Maple Leafs, as they're haunted by the fact that they haven't won a Stanley Cup since 1967, which is the longest such streak in the NHL.

But nonetheless, the hallowed season that gives us reason to dress up in whatever garb we feel like while watching the neighbourhood children (and the odd lonely 30-something) trample over one another in attempt to score the most candy, is once again upon us.

And for the Maple Leaf players, it's an opportunity to push aside their every day uniform, and dawn something more, um, unique. The blue and white jersey that brings enough horror through the NHL's 82-game schedule need not apply on this night, as each player will have the chance to show their creativity (or lack thereof) in what should be an entertaining eve for the club.

But since my access to the Leaf players and their personal life is, err, non existent, we'll have to settle for simply what I believe certain Leafs should wear on this sacred, spooky night at the team's annual Halloween Party.


Mikhail Grabovski

He's a new man this season, and it's shown thus far in the young NHL season. He cut his long locks off, he promised to be more dedicated to hard work and he put behind him the many, many problems he's had on and off the ice in the last few years.

Or so we're lead to believe.

So I, for one, think in order to prove he's truly become a better man, the one they call "Grabo" has only one option that would get a laugh or two from his teammates, and needs to pull a Back to the Future act.

He'd throw back to the old days (last year) and come in wearing a long-haired wig, of course dressed as "last year's Grabovski"; same temper, same attitude. Then watch as the insanity ensued as he starts a fight with the bartender, Francois Beauchemin (again), Ron Wilson (he'll throw a few punches in for Tomas Kaberle too), and Jason Blake... via text message.

They'd then throw him out of the party, and he'd leave waving his hands to the crowd sarcastically while they mocked him. He'd probably get suspended for a game or two (actions detrimental to the team, and party), but as far as memories go, this one would last the team a lifetime.


Luke Schenn

Should come dressed as Dion Phaneuf, circa 2007-08 (when Phaneuf scored 17 goals, 60 points), decked out in his Calgary Flames gear. It's not that Schenn is a sudden offensive threat, but he's looking a lot like the franchise shut down defender they thought they had when they drafted.

And something tells me Schenn wouldn't mind bringing the real life girlfriend either.


Dion Phaneuf

Should come dressed as Luke Schenn, circa last season, when Schenn had a dreadful start to his year, just like Phaneuf this season

Somewhere, Mats Sundin is shaking his head.


Phil Kessel

Strutting in slowly, spurs clanking on the ground, Phil Kessel should come to the party dressed in full cowboy attire, as the Lone Ranger. It's nights like Tuesday in Boston, where it seems Kessel is the only player on the team who's doing anything.

And when injuries and struggling teammates leave Kessel with little as far as help goes, it turns into a no goal, disappointing performance. "Just take out the Lone Ranger, and let the others fail on their own."

I believe that was a direct quote from Bruins' coach, Claude Julien, during the first intermission.


Nazem Kadri

Yes, the wonder kid will get an invite to the party, though he'll have to attend the pre-party beforehand just to make sure he can handle a night out with the big boys.

He'll come in with all eyes on him, underperform spectacularly, get endless media scrutiny for two weeks and get sent back down to the Marlies before the real party begins. No costume needed.

But he'll love it down there, I hear they have virgin Shirley Temples.


Francois Beauchemin

There is only one costume that Francois Beauchemin could possibly be this Halloween: a baker.

Serving up fresh turnovers every night. 


Colton Orr

The Maple Leafs official on-ice body guard, Colton Orr, can come dressed as Miley Cyrus. Or Hannah Montana. Or a ballerina for all he cares.

Do you really think anyone's going to laugh at him?


John Mitchell

An onion. The bad taste we can't get out of our mouth.


Kris Versteeg

Throw on a pair of giant pants, stick an extremely large chain around his neck, tilt that hat sideways (30 degrees) and come to the bru-ha-ha as Vanilla Ice.

Not that he needs an excuse to get in front of a microphone.


Tomas Kaberle

No doubt about it, Kaberle is coming dressed as William Shakespeare.

All he does is make plays (while hitting absolutely nothing, which I'm simply assuming wasn't a big part of Shakespeare's game either).


Jonas 'The Monster' Gustavsson



Jeff Finger

Just kidding, he's obviously not invited.


Hapy Halloween everyone.



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