Patriots Lose Another Meaningless Game, ESPN Declares Dynasty Dead

Mike Dussault@PatsPropagandaSenior Analyst IAugust 22, 2008

Okay, I know ESPN thinks I should be concerned but I'm really not.

Did the Patriots look like a steaming turd against the Eagles? Sure.

But last time I checked the Super Bowl wasn't played on week three of the preseason.

Did we learn nothing from last year's heartbreaking end?

Because what we should've learned is that the only thing that matters is winning the last game in February, and I'm not talking about the Pro Bowl.

Not the games in September. Or even October. And definitely not in August.

February. That's when it counts.

Who's the idiot arguing that Brady needs to be out there to get in sync with the team? Good ol' Mark "pitching my own reality series" Schlereth. 

I don't know if Donko Mark was too busy trying memorize his lines for that soap opera of his but last year Randy Moss sat out the whole preseason.

He had never even played a game with Tom Brady until he tore up the Jets in the opener for 183 yards and the touchdown we've seen almost as much as the David Tyree catch this off-season.

Seriously, you want to tell me it's important that Brady plays a meaningless half against the out-there-with-something-to-prove Eagles behind a ramshackle line so he can get in sync with his guys?


Okay, so what are the "Big Concerns" at the moment?

1. Offensive line. 

The might not be playing but last time I checked Matt Light and Stephen Neal are still on the team, and neither is on IR. Assuming they return at some point, we'll have last year's entire starting offensive line back.

I might be wrong on this but I think they sent three guys to the Pro Bowl last year. Yet all anyone can remember is how they played that one game in February.

Matt Light will be back for opening day. Neal may be out a little longer. Regardless, as long as we get both back, it's not going to take them long to get up to speed. 

This line has been playing together for going on three seasons. Four if you start the year before Kaczur arrived.

The point is, they're veterans, they're good and we need them at the end so Brady isn't getting destroyed in the Super Bowl again. 

2. Matt Cassell

Will probably not play a down this year unless it's to take a knee at the end of a blow out. Next year he'll be gone.

3. Cornerbacks

Where you're playing loose zone defense, absent any kind of pass rush, guys tend to get open. With Dom Capers coaching them, solid rookie Terrence Wheatley, and an actual defensive game plan from our coach (who just happens to have defensive game plans he created in the Hall of Fame), I think this group will be fine. 

Maybe we don't have Champ Bailey or Asante Samuel, but neither one of them won a Super Bowl last year.

Who were the Giants starting corner backs in XLII? Exactly.

4. Chad Jackson

If he makes two of the five plays Donte Stallworth made last year I'll call it a successful season for The Chad, as long as Welker's "rib injury" is nothing serious. If it is, The Chad needs to step up big time, and I'm not so sure he's got it in him. Though, hopefully, the touchdown catch will help out his confidence.

5. Special Teams Stunk

Patriots Kickoff Team that gave up the TD: Five Rookies and a veteran known to have lost a step who's been with the team a week. Forgivable.

Patriots Punt Team that gave up the TD: No excuse on this one, it was a disgrace, and by putting their names I hope I add to their shame:

Jerod Mayo, Eric Alexander, David Thomas, Ray Ventrone, Kelley Washington, Heath Evans, James Sanders, Pierre Woods, Matthew Slater, Lonie Paxton, Chris Hanson

Still, this does give Belichick a good excuse to lay into some veterans. He can't just yell at Wesley Britt and Chad Jackson all the time.

Last season the Patriots peaked too early. That cannot and will not happen again. It's much better to lose a couple early than to lose the last one.

So breathe easy Patriot Nation.

There will be fury unleashed upon the Kansas City Chiefs in fifteen short days.


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