The Burial of WWE Diva Melina: An Utter Disgrace

Renee GerberCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2010

Melina and Gail Kim, photo copyright to
Melina and Gail Kim, photo copyright to

Hello, once again, Bleacher readers!

After some little debating with myself, I decided to write another article about my favorite WWE diva, Melina. Just some fair warning: This one is going to be a bit of a rant, so please bear with me.

Since her in-ring debut back in 2005, Melina has been pretty much at the forefront of the WWE's women's division. She is easily one of the best female wrestlers the company has, and in this fan's opinion, ranks within the top five (Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, and Jillian make up the remaining four). However, since Night of Champions a month ago, her career seems to have taken a major nosedive.

Although Melina has been in the spotlight before and has been champion several times, this is not a good thing. Since losing in her rematch for the Divas Championship on RAW the night after said pay-per-view, she has been reduced to a role that is less than desirable, to say the least.

She was the first one eliminated in a diva battle royal, used as an asskisser for a RAW guest host (alongside Gail Kim, who has been in the same position Melina is now in, but for even longer), as mere eye candy, or not even seen on the red brand at all.

One of the times she wasn't even on RAW, it turned out that she had a match and subsequent win against Alicia Fox on Superstars. I'm very glad she got a victory, but I'm always disappointed when one of my favorites is on that show, because, as a member of a household that subscribes to Time Warner, I don't get the WGN America channel.

Let's fast-forward to the present, and to last night's RAW. Melina teamed up with fellow criminally-underused diva Gail Kim. I groaned and rolled my eyes when I realized they were going to be LayCool's opponents for their tag team match. It's at the point where you don't even have to wonder what's going to happen, and even less so, who's going to win.

Melina wrestled the entire match for her team. I found it ridiculous that Gail never even saw ring time at all, but I took it as a simple slap in the face to Melina, as though the entire ordeal (and yes, I saw the match as an ordeal) was a personal attack against her. She and Layla had some good spots in the short bout, but when Michelle McCool got in there, kicked her in the face, and then pinned her for the win, I was seeing red.

Aside from the burial itself, and making Melina look like a chump, what was the point? We already know that LayCool—especially the "Cool" part of it—are booked to be more dominant than Chyna ever was, and, in spite of the painful predictability of it, the spectacle was just awful to witness.

Also, although I haven't yet seen Bragging Rights, I also completely expected Natalya to run out and attack LayCool following the burial, considering what happened in her title match at the pay-per-view. Sadly, she was strangely absent, which is idiotic in that there is a definite lack of consistency by the WWE.

However, this is the women's division we're talking about, and, much like tag teams, the company has proven more times than I care to recall that they really don't give a crap about that division.

As sad as this is going to sound, at this point, I would rather see Melina as a manager than in the ring if she is only going to constantly get buried. She doesn't deserve the treatment she's been given all this past month. She is far too talented, and far more talented than the people who have buried her.

She deserves another chance to reign in the spotlight. Additionally, though, the WWE has got its work cut out for it if they want to make the women's division great again.

For starters, they can do away with the "co-champions" nonsense and award a woman for her hard work, dedication, and accomplishments, rather than for backstage politics. It's just a matter of them caring to do that.