Flip Flop Of The Talent

Greg SpragueContributor IAugust 22, 2008

Also as many other articles on here are stating Gail Kim and Mick Foley are planing on going to WWE and TNA respectively. What do I think of this? Gail Kim i think this could be good, she is coming off of facing awesome kong or as I refer to her as the female version of The Great Khali, stiff and hard to work with if they have to lose the match. As for Mick Foley I think this could be good if he is willing to be in a more manager/behind the scenes roll like Hector Guerrero and Kevin Nash. But from what I have read he is wanting to get in the ring and wrestle full time. GIVE ME A BREAK, MICK! You're not your younger self, man. Mick has the talent to still wrestle but not full time like Chris Sabin or even Kurt Angle.

Who in my opinion will make the bigger splash. It depends on if Mick wants to get in their and challenge for the TNA World Title or if he is willing to step back and help out the younger guys. Otherwise Gail Kim will make the bigger impact, no pun intended. I think we might see Gail on Raw taking on the Glamazon for the Women's title that she won her first night in the big times.