11 Worst NBA Championship Teams of All Time: Did Your Team Make the List?

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11 Worst NBA Championship Teams of All Time: Did Your Team Make the List?

Welcome to the ultimate breakdown of the 11 worst NBA championship teams in league history.  Almost every athlete/coach/team/fan lives by the old adage that "the only thing that matters is the 'W,'" and that, "a win is a win."  And this is true!

Wouldn't you rather be the worst champion ever than the best runner-up ever?

I thought so.

But still, while the champs are still the champs, we can still speculate as to who was the worst of them all.  In other words, if you were making a complete list of the best championship teams in NBA history, these teams would be at the very end of your list, making them the worst of the best.

Some ground rules before we begin:

The first rule of Fight Club is that you need to understand it's hard...really, really hard to decide who sucked more at winning. 

It's also difficult to say with a straight face that any one of Bill Russell's back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-I-lost-count championship teams were one of the worst in NBA history, so you probably won't find too many of them on this list. It's also difficult to say Magic's Lakers or Jordan's Bulls or Kobe-and-Shaq's Lakers or Kobe-minus-Shaq's Lakers were one of the worst of all time, so you probably won't find them on this list.  Actually, most teams that repeated probably won't be found on this list.  Probably.

Now, compiling a list like this takes an expansive knowledge of NBA history, eras, players and attitudes, as well as a very in-depth statistical analysis of every player, team, and opponent...

None of which I provide.

I was born in 1985, and even if I had come straight out of the womb to watch the '85 Lakers beat the Celtics for the championship, I would still have missed 38 years of basketball.

Now that I've ruined all of my credibility...on to the list!

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