NCAA Football Week 8 Thoughts and Opinions: It's Gonna Be One of Those Seasons

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 26, 2010

EVANSTON, IL - OCTOBER 23: Kirk Cousins #8 of the Michigan State Spartans rolls out to look for receiver against the Northwestern Wildcats at Ryan Field on October 23, 2010 in Evanston, Illinois. Michigan State defeated Northwestern 35-27. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Week 8 thoughts still going out to Eric LeGrand.

Quick Bowl Count

There are 35 bowls meaning we need 70 teams. As of now 22 are eligible and seven teams cannot become eligible. Hawaii and Nevada have six wins but play 13 games so they still need 1 more win.

No teams from the Big East, Conference USA, Independents, Sun Belt or SEC East are eligible.


Can anyone look me in the eye (or monitor) and tell me you thought Michigan State would be the Big Ten leader and undefeated right now? How about Missouri in the Big 12 North?

Did anyone expect Baylor to be bowl eligible? Ok, so that might not be too big of a surprise, but how about that they are currently the Big 12 South leaders?

How did everyone forget about Utah?

All the talk for the non auto qualifiers was for Boise State, TCU and Houston. Houston fell off a while ago, but Utah is now sitting undefeated and just as pretty as Boise and TCU.

And what about Hawaii? The WAC was supposed to be all about Boise State and Nevada with the usual spoiler of Fresno State. Instead Hawaii is the surprise team at 6-2 and 4-0 in conference. They are also the nations leader in passing offense.

While FIU are only 2-4, those two are both conference games that has them in position to be a player in the Sun Belt.


Oregon survived the curse of the No. 1s, but some would say that since the BCS is out now, that the No. 1 ranking the Ducks hold in the human polls isn’t the same.

Still, they won, but at home. The other upsets of No. 1 teams happened on the road. They also happened with Gameday broadcasting from the site of the game.

This week, Oregon and Auburn, the two teams that hold some sort of No. 1 ranking, both go on the road. Oregon will also have Gameday in LA for their game.


How is it that the Mountain West and WAC don’t get BCS automatic bids, but the Big East and ACC do?

I realize that this is just this year and this week, but right now the Mountain West has two teams in the top 10 of the BCS rankings while the ACC only has one in the top 20.

The WAC has two teams in the BCS rankings, No. 3 Boise State and No. 24 Nevada. The Big East has…no one.

Consistent Inconsistency

What is up with Texas? They lose to unranked UCLA and Iowa State, but beat a highly ranked Nebraska?

How about Washington? When they win they look decent, but when they lose they lose big. Not only that look at their record they go L, W, L, W for all seven games.

What do you think of California? You might ask which one before answering. Will it be the team that blew out Colorado, UCLA and Arizona State or the team that got blown out by Nevada and USC?

Turn Arounds

On the other hand you have teams like Georgia who started out 1-4 before flipping it to 4-4 with three wins in a row.

There is also Virginia Tech who suffered a couple of losses to start the season, but have not lost since.

Of course, losing the opener to Boise State followed by the embarrassing loss to James Madison will be hard to erase from people's memories. Their record of 6-2 has them atop the ACC coastal standings.

FBS Arrival

So technically Western Kentucky came into the FBS level of football last year, but they didn’t win anything. This past weekend they got their first FBS win and first Sun Belt win against Louisiana Lafayette. Congratulations.

Which One is Actually on the Hot Seat?

Two coaches in the Pac 10 have been receiving a lot of hot seat talk, but which one is actually in danger of losing their job?

Most would think it is Paul Wulff, the coach of the Washington State Cougars. At WSU his record is 4-28, and only 1-6 this season.

Dennis Erickson at Arizona State may be on the hotter seat though. His history is undeniable with National Championships and guiding teams like Oregon State to school highs. His record at Arizona State is 22-21 and 3-3 this season.

The reason I think his seat is hotter is that he has gone down hill at Arizona State while Wulff has Washington State looking more competitive.

The Cougars aren’t being blown out as badly as they were before. As long as the Cougar faithful have a little more patience in them they might see the upswing. Patience at Arizona State might be all but up.

The two meet this week, by the way.

High School Side Note

I find the pink whistles incident in Seattle area pretty ridiculous.

The refs were doing it to raise breast cancer awareness along with donating their checks for the game to the Susan G. Koman for the Cure. For anyone to even suggest that this was sending the wrong message to the kids about breaking rules is insane.

The statements made sounded ridiculous and now, the fact that no penalties will be issued make the new statements all sound like back-tracking.

If you don’t know what I am talking about just look up pink whistles and you will find it.


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