Sports Lists I Would Most Like to Read on Bleacher Report

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Sports Lists I Would Most Like to Read on Bleacher Report

Lately, the Bleacher Report has seen articles breaking out lists of funny quotes, strange names of athletes, and the oddest Olympic sports. Like most folks, I enjoy reading them and agreeing or disagreeing with their rankings. 

Heck, lists are fun!

But let's face it, there are some lists the Bleacher Creatures would love to read about that just haven't been written...yet.

Here are the top 10 lists I would love to read about on B/R:

1. The Detroit Red Wings' Top-Two Dental Hygiene Tips

2. The Top-31 NFL Starting Quarterbacks with More Upside than Tarvaris Jackson

3. The Top-Five Luckiest Undergarments Worn by Jason Giambi

4. The Top-74 Sporting Leagues More Popular than the WNBA

5. The One-and-a-Half Most Clever Things Chris Berman Has Ever Said

6. The Top-17 Ways to Misspell the Word "Badminton"

7. The Top-1.3 Billion Chinese Shorter than Yao Ming

8. The Top-50 Peyton Manning Commercials that Were Funny the First Time

9. The Top NASCAR Rule that Joe Gibbs Racing Almost Didn't Break

10. The Top-Nine Reasons Not to Share a Cab with Bela Karolyi

And a bonus No. 11!

11. The Top-43 Derogatory Names Being Screamed at the Author of This Stupid List!

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