Taken: How WWE and Their Pay-Per-Views Burn a Hole In My Pocket!

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIIOctober 25, 2010

I guess this is just the wrestling fan within me; but are you tired of spending $45 bucks on a PPV that seems to really cost $20? What I’m basically trying to get too, is the fact that I’m really not getting as entertained as I used too!

Which seems to be a widely favored topic amongst fans. So today, rather than speak about how much I favor one wrestler or one show over another, I'd rather just speak about the price of these ridiculous PPV’s.

Personally I feel that ever since Summer Slam, the WWE gave up! We all know that the writing has hit an all time low—as well as the overall enjoyment of what “used to be,” a wrestling product.

Which brings to me the topic of why the WWE has to be going head to head with UFC and their $50 to sometimes $60 dollar price cards? Why do we have to plug out an additional $25 bucks, for a product that seems to be worth $20?

Seriously, have you thought about what you can actually do with the extra $25 bucks in your pocket? I sure as heck have, which really bothers me big time!

For example, last night’s Bragging Rights PPV was not and I repeat not, worth $45 dollars! Especially, that garbage known as HELL IN A CELL—which took place on the third of this month—and in my eyes, seemed to me as the biggest flop of a PPV since December to Dismember.  

Honestly, I believe the highest PPV should be Wrestlemania. No matter how long in hours it is, it’s always the best. This in price should be followed by: Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Summer Slam. The other eight PPV’s should at least be $20 bucks.

But what do I know, I’m just the idiot who watches this and gets tired of working his nine to five and then going to school, just to see something worth watching…aren’t you as well?