Colorado Announces Captains for 2008 Season

Ron KnabenbauerCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2008

According to on Thursday, the CU Football team announced their four senior captains for the upcoming season.

Fullback Maurice Cantrell, center Daniel Sanders, safety Ryan Walters, and wide receiver Patrick Williams were named the captains after a vote by their teammates.

According to Head Coach Dan Hawkins, the coaching staff has been working on developing leadership within the team for some time now.

“You have to have leadership,” stated Hawkins. “One of the nice things that we have done is sort of try to develop leadership over the course of the past year and defining what leadership is.

"It’s not just a guy who is a good player," he added. "It’s the guy who is going to have the leadership abilities of integrity, leads by example, and yes, he has to be a good player, but he has to be a guy who has the respect of everyone else.”

Williams was the first wideout to be named a captain since John Minardi in 2001.

“I know that I lead by example, and that I’m not the most vocal guy. I’m very honored that my teammates see that I try to lead by example and that they see me as a leader,” said Williams on Thursday.

All four are fifth-year seniors and members of the 2004 recruiting class.

The Buffs open the regular season on Sunday, Aug. 31, at 5:30 p.m., against in-state rival Colorado State at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver.