He’s No Longer a Kidd: NBA Star, Jason Kidd, Too Old?

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He’s No Longer a Kidd: NBA Star, Jason Kidd, Too Old?

I've heard it plenty of times while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks and even more now that he is been playing for Team USA in the Olympics: "Jason Kidd is too old to be playing ball." Some question why he is even on Team USA when there are much younger and better players in the NBA today. I hope this does not come off biased, seeing as I am a big Jason Kidd fan but I do not see why Jason Kidd should not be in the Olympics. He is certainly proving himself worthy of wearing that USA jersey in Beijing.

His teammates on Team USA and even Coach Krzyzewski, let’s just call him Coach K, have joked around with him about it. Kidd has been called everything from "Old Man" to "Pops," especially from Deron Williams who plays point guard for the "Redeem Team." Williams, 24, idolized Jason Kidd growing up and spent his younger years "trying to emulate" and be just like him.

Kidd, now 35, is in his fourteenth year of playing for the NBA and time and time again, still puts in as much effort as he can, to contribute to his team no matter who he is playing for. Yes, he is slowing down, but give the man some credit. He is trying his hardest to end his career with a bang.

There have been quite some talk about Jason Kidd keeping the bench warm throughout the Olympics and even more so about how he has not been shooting the ball. People have been complaining about how useless he is to the team because of this. But we must have to remember, Jason is a point guard. Look up the definition of point guard and you will find it clear as day that they are "primarily responsible for bringing the ball up the floor on offense and distributing it to teammates." His main focus is his other teammates. He does what he can to benefit them. If sitting on the bench gives more play time and experience for the other players, he will do it. And even if he is open for a shot, why would he shoot it if he sees a better open shot for another teammate?

Especially now with Team USA being called the “Redeem Team” after an absolutely devastating and embarrassing loss at the 2004 Olympics, teamwork is being stressed to the max this year. Jason Kidd has been unselfishly playing and is doing a great job as a team leader. How many times have we seen the cameras zoom in on Kidd giving pointers and tips to every player? Coach K has said that having Jason play is “literally like having a coach on the floor.” He has also said that he will follow Kidd’s lead if Kidd feels that the team is not ready for something or if something does not feel right. The end results are some great plays and assists at the hands of Jason Kidd.

Whether he is too old or not throwing down some shots, at the end of the day, Jason Kidd has helped his team make it to the Gold Medal round at the Olympics. So come on, stop complaining. Team USA is on their way to gold! That itself should be reason enough to rejoice and cheer on the US. These younger and better basketball players everyone keeps demanding for, have another four years of or even more to look forward to making it to the national team. Jason Kidd has paved the way for those young superstars. He has done a lot for the sport of basketball. Cut him some slack and let the man enjoy his last run at the Olympics.


This is my first article and although it's not that great, I do hope that by writing some more, I can get better. I would like to hear your feedback as well as your thoughts on Jason Kidd in the Olympics!

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