WWE Bragging Rights: What Kane's Win Means for His Legacy

John KindelanAnalyst IIIOctober 25, 2010

On Sunday night at Bragging Rights, the Undertaker and Kane met once again for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, this time in a Buried Alive Match.

A match in which you must incapacitate your opponent, drop him into the "grave site" and proceed to bury him alive.

The match was back and forth between the two brothers of destruction, and for the most part seemed to favor the champion. Delivering two unanswered chokeslams to the Undertaker in the ring near the end of the match, Kane then had to get Taker to the grave some 100 feet away.

Unfortunately for The Big Red Monster, Undertaker got his second wind and proceeded to turn the tables and apply a submission move he calls "Hell’s Gate" (a modified gogoplata) to Kane, causing him to lose consciousness, and dumped him into the grave.

Enter Nexus minus John Cena. The heel team of Nexus, which has been dominating Monday Night Raw, showed up and proceeded to attack the Undertaker, preventing him from burying Kane.

And subsequently, Paul Bearer along with him.

But now the question needs to be asked: Why did the Heel team of Raw interfere in a Smackdown match? And what does this mean for Kane?


Some speculations could be 

A blending of the rosters has been rumored.

However, this seems highly unlikely, especially since we just had the Bragging Rights event pitting the two shows against one another. Their series of video games is known as Smackdown vs. Raw, and blending the two would diminish that product as well.

We would also have to see a unification of the title for this to happen. Having one roster and two champions doesn’t make much sense; only one guy can stand on top.

Would Kane be the one to unify the title again in the same way the great Chris Jericho did? This would remove Randy Orton, Wade Barrett and even John Cena from the title hunt for a while, so I think we can rule that out.


Swapping of Champions?

Is the plan to move Nexus along with a championship title over to Smackdown and have Kane head over to Raw? More rumors claim Kane to be retiring soon, so he’d possibly like to finish his run on Monday Nights.

Come Survivor Series, will Wade Barrett get another shot at Randy Orton for the title, or will it happen even sooner? The involvement of Nexus in Kane’s match will have to be explained, but will we get it on Raw or on Smackdown?

Kane has now defeated Undertaker two times in a row, and we know Taker is in need of some medical leave due to his shoulder. So is this setting Kane up for a long title run, taking him all the way to Wrestlemania where it will be Kane’s career versus the streak?

Undertaker has never had good luck in Buried Alive matches. Maybe this is building up to a casket match.

If Undertaker wins at Wrestlemania, he gets the title, keeps the streak going and puts his brother in the casket, sending him out of the WWE forever.



However this plays out, it is showing this championship run with Kane to be one thing above all: unpredictable.

Kane has taken this championship reign and really brought out his A game. The promos, the in-ring work, the reaction to the fear of Taker and the power of the urn, all just stellar performances.

Whomever the next opponent in line for the World Heavyweight title is has some big boots to fill after this storyline. Who knows what’s in store as we fill out the final chapters of Kane’s legacy in the WWE.