Six Things To Improve The New Orleans Saints' Defense

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IAugust 22, 2008

How To Fix The Saints' Defense Problems:

  • Get a decent second cornerback if Mike McKenzie is able to come back. Sign on, try to help one on the roster to get better; just get a good second cornerback (defensive back Tracy Porter above).
  • Do not use Josh Bullocks as a starter until he proves that he is ready to play like a pro.
  • If Vilma doesn't work out, put someone else in, we don't need to cater to him just because he was once a star. The same for anyone on the defense or offense.
  • Get a decent pass rush going. If Charles Grant can't do his part, then cut him. You're paying him too much to only have two sacks.
  • Put McKenzie on the better receivers, he is the best player in the Saints secondary so far. But he needs to come back from the injury first.