Brett Favre Vs. Brad Childress: Power Ranking the Old Ballslinger's Enemies

Denton Ramsey@DentonRamseySenior Analyst IOctober 25, 2010

Brett Favre Vs. Brad Childress: Power Ranking the Old Ballslinger's Enemies

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    Brett Favre vs. Brad Childress.

    Let the battle begin.

    Over the years, even the so-called good guys like Favre have garnered their share of enemies.

    Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at Favre’s career and power ranking the Minnesota Vikings quarterback’s top 10 enemies, ranging from coach Childress to Jenn Sterger.

    Without further ado, let’s begin…

10. Mike Tannenbaum

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    Why They're Against Him: Mike Tannenbaum is the general manager for the New York Jets. Shortly after the 2008 season ended, Brett Favre informed Tannenbaum that “it may be time to look in a different direction” regarding the future QB position, according to Wikipedia.

    Can He Make Nice? Regardless of things not going as planned during Favre’s one-year stint with the Jets, I am fairly certain he could make nice with Tannenbaum.

    Hate Factor: 2

9. Atlanta Falcons

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    Why They're Against Him: The Atlanta Falcons were the very first team to nab Brett Favre, selecting him in the second round of the 1991 NFL Draft. During his extremely brief stay in Atlanta, Favre attempted just four passes, throwing two interceptions while completing none of them, according to Wikipedia.

    Can He Make Nice? Although this question is somewhat irrelevant, I have no doubt whatsoever that Favre could “make nice” around the current Atlanta management.

    Hate Factor: 3

8. Ted Thompson

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    Why They're Against Him: Ted Thompson is the general manager for the Green Bay Packers. In 2008, the Green Bay GM announced the team would not grant Brett Favre an unconditional release while reaffirming the franchise’s commitment to Aaron Rodgers, according to Wikipedia.

    Can He Make Nice? A sit-down between Thompson and Favre may be tough, although not completely out of the question. Yes, the two don’t see eye-to-eye, but I am fairly certain the two could “make nice” in a public setting.

    Hate Factor: 5

7. Jerry Glanville

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    Why They're Against Him: Jerry Glanville was the Atlanta head coach when the Falcons first drafted Brett Favre in 1991. According to Wikipedia, Glanville did not approve of drafting the QB, claiming it would take a plane crash for him to put Favre in a game.

    Can He Make Nice? Doubt it. With Favre’s time in Atlanta spanning just one season, he and Glanville will likely never get along.

    Hate Factor: 6

6. New York Jets

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    Why They're Against Him: The New York Jets have a reason to feel a bit betrayed, just nothing like what Green Bay went through when Brett Favre bolted from the Packers. Favre and the Jets appeared to be playoff-bound in 2008, only for the battered QB and his teammates to choke down the stretch and miss postseason play.

    Can He Make Nice? Tough to say, but there will absolutely be tension between these two sides for many years to come.

    Hate Factor: 5

5. Deanna Favre

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    Why They're Against Him: Brett Favre’s wife, Deanna, may no be “against” her husband. But there’s no doubt she feels hurt and betrayed with the latest revelations coming to light. Over time, however, those wounds can heal.

    Can He Make Nice? I certainly hope so. Favre’s marriage may currently be in disarray, but it can absolutely still be fixed.

    Hate Factor: 4

4. Green Bay Fans

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    Why They're Against Him: A better question may be, why are they NOT against him? A majority of Green Bay fans felt like they had been stabbed in the back when Brett Favre decided to postpone retirement and continue playing football—just not with the Packers. Upon leaving for a one-year gig with the New York Jets before landing in Minnesota, Green Bay fans have had plenty to get sick over.

    Can He Make Nice? This would be like putting a bunch of wild dogs in a tiny bedroom with a newborn kitten. It would be brutal, plain and simple. Don’t you see the way fans react when Favre returns to Green Bay? He went from worshiped to hated over a span of just three seasons.

    Hate Factor: 7

3. Sports Media

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    Why They're Against Him: I really don’t think the sports media is “against” Brett Favre by any means, but journalists are absolutely doing their jobs when digging up and relaying information to the public. No matter how you slice it, Favre’s relationship with the sports media has definitely declined.

    Can He Make Nice? He has to; before and after every NFL game, there are press conferences where Favre and media members are forced to at least somewhat get along.

    Hate Factor: 8

2. Brad Childress

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    Why They're Against Him: Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress isn’t “against” Brett Favre, nor is the future hall of fame QB “against” his coach. However, Childress and Favre DO NOT get along, and that relationship may never be normal.

    Can He Make Nice? Maybe on the sidelines on Sundays, but the ongoing outbreaks between Childress and Favre signify the beginning of the end in my opinion.

    Hate Factor: 9

1. Jenn Sterger

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    Why They're Against Him: “Against” him may not be appropriate in this particular situation, especially considering Brett Favre’s latest revelations that he did in fact call and leave voice mail messages for Jenn Sterger in 2008. But is she “against” him? It’s hard to say right now, especially considering she hasn’t spoken about this issue publicly since the story first came to light.

    Can He Make Nice? It’s highly unlikely that these two will ever be in the same room again, yet alone the same vicinity.

    Hate Factor: 9


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