WWE: My Reaction to 2010 WWE Bragging Rights

Nick BolyardContributor IIIOctober 25, 2010

I am going to start on a serious and positive note.  I actually thought Bragging Rights was a decent show, in comparison to the rest of the PPV fiascoes so far this year.  Let's take a look back on my thoughts on the matches.

Daniel Bryan defeats Dolph Ziggler:  In a previous article I wrote, I called Dolph Ziggler stupid.  I still believe his character is stupid (mostly because of Vickie) but damn can that guy wrestle.  This match was by far the best of the evening.  Both guys pulled off some big time moves and stole the show.  Well wrestled match by both participants.  However, I wish I would of had John Madden's NFL telestrator thing so I could point out the areas in which Vickie Guerrero needed more shirt (nobody wants to see that Vickie).  My only question: Isn't the best match suppose to be saved for last?

John Cena and David Otunga beat Drew McIntyre and "Dashing" Cody Rhodes to become new WWE Tag Team Champion:  This match perplexed me.  I have no clue where they are going with those two being tag champs, but I guess it's a wait and see kind of thing.  Are they going to become BFFs?  I know Wade Barrett said John Cena better not fail, but this whole Nexus things keeps getting more and more confusing (reminds me of a Frank Caliendo stand-up show.  You know he's doing something, you're just not sure what.)  Or I could of said it reminds me of a TNA storyline....bad.

Ted Dibiase defeats Goldust: Matt Striker was the true winner of this match.  Gotta love his comments about the women.  I believe he said he wanted to "play checkers on her dress" referring to Aksana, who was in Goldust's corner.  Solid match though (I think panning the camera to Maryse a lot helped).   All in all a good job by all participants, aside from Aksana's  fiddling with her skirt while Maryse whooped her ass.  Here is some advice for a rookie:  While we enjoy your tiny dresses, perhaps you should wear it a little longer.  

Layla w/Michelle McCool beat Natalya:  Maybe my second favorite match of the night, along with the best segment before the match.  Bonus points for LayCool making jokes about Brett Favre.  That made my whole day.  Good match, lots of annoying, yet hilarious, screaming by LayCool.  Michelle McCool kicks Natalya in the face (making her groan like the Anvil...seriously Natalya is a prime example of someone who is to be seen and not heard.)  Layla gets the 1-2-3.  

Kane defeats the Undertaker:  The fans where the best part, chanting "we want blood."  The ending was a bit too obvious because the backhoe was parked with by the grave site.  The two vets were good as usually as far as wrestling.  Wait...here that feeling comes again...the one of confusion.  What the hell is the Nexus doing?   Like I said, the whole Nexus thing is confusing.  Why would they help Kane, but hate everyone else?  This is more confusing than Lost (who knows, Matthew Fox may indeed join the Nexus.)

Team SmackDown defeats Team Raw:  The match was so-so.  Let's start with what I did like, Edge spearing everyone. Now that that's out of the way, why can't anyone beat Sheamus, aside from  Randy Orton?  They had to have him be counted out, with the Big Show for elimination.  Alex Riley's and Michael Cole's crushes on The Miz make me feel uncomfortable.  I can see a Billy and Chuck scenario playing out here.  Hornswoggle being in the ring to celebrate ruined it. Edge should speared the troll too.

Wade Barrett w/ John Cena defeat Randy Orton by DQ: When Barrett said to Cena that he better not LOSE at the beginning, it kind of spelled out the ending for me.  Although the fans were awesome during this match as well.  The "Fire Cena" chants, the "Cena Sucks" chants and my favorite you hear one guy yell at Cena to do his job when he didn't attack Orton.  Wait, it gets better.  Cena tried to give Orton his belt, and  he gets an RKO for his trouble. I wish Wade Barrett could wrestle as well as he talks.  Hey, what if Barrett replaced Michael Cole?  Win-Win for everyone!


This was my personal reaction to what I thought was an overall good PPV, please share your constructive thoughts.