For the Love of the Game: 10 Reasons Why Sports Make the World Go Round

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For the Love of the Game: 10 Reasons Why Sports Make the World Go Round
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Have you ever caught yourself thinking about the world around us?  Chances are you probably have, so I'm going to make this as simple as possible.

From entertainment, money, fame, fortune, rivalries, scandals, rumors, last-second games, fights, to unbreakable records; these are the reasons we are all so drawn to the sporting world.

It is without question that sports is what makes the world go round. Without it, what would we have to bond to, share memories of, debate over, and (most importantly) spend our hard-earned money on?

From an early childhood age, most of us can confess we wanted to be a football player like Brett Favre, a baseball player like Babe Ruth, score the game-winning goal as Wayne Gretzky did, or be just like Michael Jordan once was.

So many things have been invested in the sporting world we've built up, and most of it comes back as a sense of pride and joy for those who love it.

Unfortunately there is another side to the sporting world. A side that we've all adversely built up to be a downfall to some of our most coveted of athletes.

From Tiger's infidelity, Pete Rose's ban from the baseball Hall of Fame, the Duke men's lacrosse case, to Tim Donaghy's admittance to betting on games he worked, sports surely has its negative side.

That's the reason why so many people have now become sports fans: to hate on athletes who make rather careless choices.  Who can blame them?  You can't deny the compelling stories you hear day to day.

Sports is such an intriguing thing -- it really is.

You can't really estimate how much sports means to how the entire world functions. Take for example the "I live and die with my team" aspect.

So many people live their own lives based on how well their respective team does. Team success just what drives and motivates fans to cheer on their teams through the good times and the not-so-good times.

With that being said, let's take a look at (in no particular order) the 10 most important reasons why sports fuels the entire globe.

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