Why Brett Favre Should Retire and End the Minnesota Vikings' Misery

Ryan LazoContributor IOctober 25, 2010

Brett Favre's season has been a nightmare and entering into retirement may be his best option
Brett Favre's season has been a nightmare and entering into retirement may be his best optionJim Prisching/Getty Images

When the Minnesota Vikings once again bent over backwards this summer in an attempt to lure Brett Favre back for one last season, I knew something would go wrong.

Favre had just come off his best statistical season in his entire NFL career. How could the Vikings expect him to even come close to obtaining those same numbers in back-to-back seasons. They must have realized they had made the deal with the devil last season and are now paying for it this year.

Favre, the poster child for bad throws and interceptions, did not throw the ball in harms way last season. It led some to wonder who exactly this Favre was, as he finished the season by throwing 33 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. 

With the help of one the NFL's best running backs, Favre and the Vikings marched all the way to the NFC Championship game before they were manhandled by the New Orleans Saints. This led some to believe if Favre came back for one more season, the Vikings could find themselves in the Super Bowl.

Turns out those analysts and fans alike were wrong. Favre has not even come close to playing on the level of last season, nor the level he played on when he nearly took the Jets into the playoffs. This version of Favre looks old, scared and not motivated.

Favre has made a career of resembling a little kid when he take the field each and every day, slinging the ball into the tightest of coverages, improvising on the run and showing the confidence that he can lead the team to victory. 

Now all you see is a stoic face, one which resembles stone. There is no childhood enthusiasm for Favre, there is no improvisation if a play breaks down. He is man who does not have the will to win. 

Thus far on the season, the Vikings and Favre have been one of the biggest busts in the NFL. However, the mess in Dallas saves Minnesota from being the worst. Favre has thrown seven touchdown passes, but also 10 interceptions, which has put his team in holes they could not recover from.

Now the Vikings players have to deal with a sexting scandal. He has brought undo spotlight on the franchise, which right now is struggling to find its bearings. If Favre truly cares about this franchise and not his own statistics, he will step down and retire, which would give the Vikings the best chance to win.

Favre thinks he's going to have The Wrestler moment, but all he will have is an epic fall. Retire now and avoid the fate.