WWE Bragging Rights: Match Recaps

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2016

Bragging Rights is over now. I am sure a lot of people are disappointed about a few matches. I am here to break down every match that took place. I also have a few ideas I would like to run by you guys and tell me what you think.


Goldust Vs. Ted Dibiase Jr.: Million Dollar Title Match

First thing is first, Ted Dibiase won the match to retain his million dollar belt. This match was really a gimme. Did anyone really believe that Dibiase would win, take his belt back and walk away, ending this feud? If you did, well you were at least right about Dibiase winning.

This has the potential of being a WrestleMania match, but I am not really sure if the WWE could drag it out that long. If this would have been back in the day before the TLC and Elimination Chamber PPVs, I would believe it could be possible. The real questions are: What direction is WWE going with this? Are we going to see this over and over until someone finally has enough? How long can we see these managers last?


Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler: Champion vs Champion Match

Has Daniel Bryan had a PPV match where he hasn't made someone tap out? This was a good all-around match, making Bryan look even stronger after challenging Dolph last Monday and talking crap about Vikki to boot. Even though Dolph lost, I don't see any reason that he would not stay strong on Smackdown.

When will Bryan lose a PPV? Who will be the one to do it? Will he finally stop getting beat by Miz and Riley? Does this make us have reason to worry about Dolph Ziggler? Are the belts going to be unified anytme soon?


Tag Team Titles: Rhodes and McIntyre vs Cena and Otunga

They really brought this one out of left field. Who would have thought Cena and Otunga would walk out Tag Team Champions? This reign looks, to me, like it can go one of two ways.

1. The Stone Cold and HHH way. Cena is too valuable to be in a tag team and will lose the title rather quickly.

2. Better possibility: Barrett obviously will be upset about what Cena did, and remove the belt from him and give it to either Slater, Gabriel or Sheffield pending his return.  Also it makes you wonder about the Hart Dynasty.

Can Nexus retain the tag-team belts? Does this mean Rhodes and McIntyre will go to singles, or will they get them back? Will Otunga want a match with Cena after the attitude adjustment?


Layla vs Natalya: Unified Diva's Championship

Lay-Cool is looking strong as ever. Yes, they may have gotten beaten in the match, but the only thing that matters is who gets the pin. Now, while I am afraid I don't pay close attention to the women's division, I don't really know who would be next in line to face Layla. I do, however, see them dropping the belts as soon as the next PPV.


Kane vs Undertaker: Buried Alive Match, World Heavyweight Title

This match had been told about a week ago due to Undertaker's injury. This is a good thing though as it will give Taker time to get surgery and heal up. I can see him coming back for WrestleMania, pending the recovery time isn't too bad.

Why did Nexus attack the Undertaker? Is Kane the leader of the Nexus?


Team Raw vs Team Smckdown

Team Smackdown


This makes Edge really strong and if Taker is out I can see him jumping to the No. 1 contender spot.

Rey Mysterio

Had a very strong showing, except for the arm thing, I look to see him going back to the feud with Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio

After attacking Mysterio it is pretty obvious which direction he is going.

Tyler Reks

Would have looked strong if he would have eliminated someone beside Santino.

Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger

Besides the possibility of a feud with Edge, Swagger and Kofi will probably be sent back down to the mid cards.

Big Show

Hard to tell where he is going since Punk left.


Team Raw

Santino and R-Truth

I see both going to jobbing.


Very strong show, but can he be thrown into Barrett, Cena and Orton again?


Starship Pain, enough said.

Ezekial Jackson

Extreme powerhouse, great way to jump back on the scene.


Will he finally cash his contract in already?

CM Punk

Great start on a new show, maybe he will start something with Sheamus.


Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett w/John Cena, WWE Title

A lot of people, including myself, were kind of shocked that Barrett didn't win the belt. It looked to be a good story if Barrett would have won and faced Cena. This match in particular has a lot of questions left in the open to be answered.

What will happen to John Cena now? Technically Barrett did win. Who is the next No. 1 contender? Can Barrett come back from this loss? When will Cena be cut free? WHO IS THE GM?

So what is your take on Bragging Rights?


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