TNA: Divide and Conquer

Pavitar SidhuCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2010

While the entire wrestling world demands it, it just doesn't look like TNA will be getting a second show anytime soon.

That's okay, there is a temporary solution that would allow TNA to thrive even with one wrestling program.


Splitting the roster in two

TNA needs to do something that WWE did awhile ago, except they need to do it with one show.

Simply dividing the roster into two groups would go a long way to improving the quality of TNA programming. At first glance though, this idea has a flaw.

What good does cutting the roster into two groups do when TNA only has one show?

The answer to that is simple. TNA impact! would alternate the roster on the show by the week.
Week 1: First half of the roster.
Week 2: Other half of the roster.
Week 3: First half of the roster, and so on.

Doing this would do a few things; all of them good. First of all, TNA would be giving all of its talent the time it needs to progress and generate interest.

There would be no need to shove all of their talented performers into one cluttered, (and sometimes confusing), show.

You could easily script out story lines and feuds properly and actually give them the time they need to develop.

Secondly, you instantly enhance the anticipation aspect of the show. Fans will get a week's worth of wrestling, while at the same time waiting with anticipation for the coming week to see what the other half of the roster is up to.

Some story lines just so hot to take a break? This strategy would also allow those programs time on both shows without getting in the way of everything else going on in TNA.

Divided forces rescue divisions

Fans who are angry that TNA has slowly forced the true X Division performers out of bounds would be able to get them back with the time needed to get things back on track.

Fans who want even more quality tag team wrestling would be awarded this prize. Teams like Ink Inc. and Generation Me could actually be separated and groomed on rotating shows.

The Knockouts could get that time back that they've lost. Along with that, some programs in the division could be started up instead of always having to rely on the absolute home run that revolves around any of The Beautiful People.

One slight problem

Pay Per Views need time to be hyped. Splitting the roster on alternate weeks would mean only two shows before a PPV. Obviously, this would not be enough time.

TNA could reduce their PPVs, or simply just force the issue with this new strategy. After a few weeks, the story lines would be strong enough regardless and interest in the PPVs would grow anyway.

Closing Thoughts

This tactic used to be used a lot more in the early days of pay per views. Until TNA lands a second pure wrestling show, it could be exactly what the company needs to bring in more fans and iMPACT! interest.


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