WWE Bragging Rights Results: 10 Things We Learned from Kane’s Win

Steven ConeyCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights Results: 10 Things We Learned from Kane’s Win

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    Four months ago, Undertaker was said to have been found in a "vegetative" state by his brother. "The Big Red Monster" vowed to find out who had put his brother, The Undertaker, out of action. Kane won the World Heavyweight Championship, his first, at Money in the Bank, defeating Rey Mysterio.

    Undertaker returned at SummerSlam to confront Kane and Mysterio, and he was welcomed by a tombstone piledriver from his brother, thus confirming that Kane had in fact put his own brother on the shelf.

    Since then, the two men have been at each other's throats. They have faced off at Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell, and Kane has been victorious both times. Undertaker even brought back his old manager, Paul Bearer, but he turned on him and helped Kane retain the title at Hell in a Cell.

    Tonight at Bragging Rights, the two brothers faced off in a Buried Alive match which saw Kane come out on top. Here, I look at 10 things we've learned from Kane's victory.

1. Nexus Had Agreed To Help Kane

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    With Kane in the grave, and ‘Taker about to take out Paul Bearer, the Nexus came out of nowhere to attack “The Deadman.”

    This allowed Kane to gather his bearings and get the upper hand on his brother. Nexus began to fill the grave with dirt before Kane ordered them to go away and did it himself.

2. Paul Bearer Had a Big Influence on Kane’s Victory

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    Bearer, who initially returned to help Undertaker, turned on him at Hell in a Cell. It was Bearer again who helped Kane to victory.

    “The Father of Destruction” distracted ‘Taker for long enough to allow Nexus to come and help Kane. The vital blow was also delivered with Bearer’s infamous urn.

3. The WWE Universe Aren’t Happy with PG

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    I know it’s a PPV and the same rules don’t apply, but it’s clear that the WWE fans still crave a good, old fashioned brawl. Still early in the match, chants of “we want blood” started to ring around the Target Centre in Minneapolis.

    Undertaker then began to litter the ring with steel chairs which was received with cheers by the crowd.

    The crowd again heated up, this time when the two were near the burial site. Although they didn’t receive the blood they craved, the fans clearly made it clear that it still appreciates the un-PG side.

4. These Two Brothers Can Still Go

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    Both Undertaker, 45, and Kane, 43, aren’t getting any younger, but they proved tonight that they can both still put on a show.

    The crowd, understandably, were well into the match as both men put their bodies on the line for a good 20 minutes.

5. Kane Has Stepped out of the Shadow of His Brother

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    For too long, Kane has been considered the lesser of the two brothers. With this title run, and with three victories over his bitter rival, Kane has cemented himself as the top dog on SmackDown.

6. We’ve Seen the Last Buried Alive Match in WWE

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    The Buried Alive match is often seen as a match designed for “The Undertaker.” A signature match if you will, even though ‘Taker has won just two out of the five he has participated in.

    With the Undertaker coming to the end of his career, don’t be surprised if you never see another Buried Alive match.

7. Kane Could Keep the Belt For a While

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    Kane has now held the World Title for 99 days. Although it might not seem a lot, it’s the third longest reign since WrestleMania 23.

    Whoever comes after Kane's title next, they'll have to build the storyline up and that'll take time. With the great momentum Kane now has after three successive wins over his brother, I don't see him dropping the strap any time soon.

8. Undertaker Won’t Have a Buried Alive Win Against His Brother

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    Although the Undertaker has had a magnificent career which has spanned 25 years, he will not hold a Buried Alive victory.

    With Undertaker looking likely to retire next year, it’s unlikely there will be another Buried Alive match in the WWE.

    He should be able to seek solace in his eight world championships and his 18-0 WrestleMania record though.

9. We Won’t Be Seeing Undertaker for Some Time

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    With “The Deadman” set to retire at WrestleMania XXVII, expect him to take a couple of months off. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made his comeback at the Royal Rumble…

10. Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXVII Is Still On!

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    Undertaker was in the crowd for last night’s UFC 121 where Lesnar lost his UFC Heavyweight Championship to Cain Velasquez. He and Lesnar shared a heated stare which led to ‘Taker saying “Wanna do it?”

    This rumour will continue until either the UFC or WWE officially rule it out. I don’t think anybody really expects it to happen but it’d be nice if it happened, right?