WWE Bragging Rights: Predictions From The Wrestling Voice

Duane DooganCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2010

Bragging Rights 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team Match
Team RAW (The Miz, R-Truth, Sheamus, CM Punk, Ezekial Jackson, John Morrison, Santino Marella)
Team Smackdown! (Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Edge, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks)

I have no doubt in my mind that Team RAW will be victorious and more importantly that The Miz, Sheamus & Ezekial Jackson will be the remaining men. None of them will get eliminated. Smackdown have been too strong lately and the only possible outcome is that RAW will win.

Luke: I am heavily set on a Team Raw victory here. I feel that Smackdown looked far too dominant in the past week, and it only makes sense for a Raw victory. I expect The Miz to stay out of this match for as long as he can, and for Raw to be led to victory by the likes of Ezekial Jackson or Sheamus, with The Miz claiming all the glory.

If my memory serves me right, Smackdown has beaten RAW in every single match like this one. But this time it’s an elimination match. More than one pinfall will determine this one. Smackdown has dominated RAW at every turn, but how much longer can that last? Team RAW has the star power, and overall better wrestlers. So RAW for the win.

Gina: To me there is a clear winner.  If WWE are sticking to their guns on pushing The Miz, then I think team Raw will win. I think all wrestlers in the RAW team will benefit from the win, but especially The Miz, who could drive home his cockiness if he is last man standing.

Michael: I am happy that WWE changed this match to elimination as last year's was pointless! However, I don’t like the several elimination matches BEFORE SURVIVOR SERIES! The PPV that is based around 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Matches! I am happy to see CM Punk on Raw, as after the sad disbanding of my Straight Edge Society, CM Punk was beating up on jobbers! CM Punk is one of the best striking wrestlers in WWE! I rarely Watch SmackDown, due to it being taped, Striker being worse than Michael Cole, and no new updates to storylines! Also, The Undertaker is the only reason I actually pay any attention to SmackDown. As SmackDown won last year, I see Raw winning this match with Sheamus as the last Survivor! This should be at Survivor Series, but whatever. Let's make the Big Four PPVs worse to make Newer PPVs above average! See you at Survivor Series!

Peter: I used to like Survivor Servies and all of the different matches, with the teams and all. And now, leading into this PPV, I can’t for the life of me remember why. I like The Miz, and I’d love for him to be able to clean house and score pin after pin. But that’s unlikely to happen. In fact, I see Team RAW going down to defeat yet again. I base it mostly around the fact that Smackdown is still relatively new on SyFy. And being able to claim victory two years in a row, especially after having just relocated to a new channel, would help establish that there is no longer a flagship and then a secondary show. I think Vince wants both shows to be big time and is willing to invest in the win. My pick: Team Smackdown.

World Heavyweight Championship
Kane © w/ Paul Bearer vs. The Undertaker

It’ll be interesting to see what happens tonight following Undertaker’s confrontation with Brock Lesnar. There have even been rumors to suggest that as tonight's show is in Brock’s home state, he’ll appear. But I doubt that very much. Undertaker supposedly has to take time off for shoulder surgery, so I think that Kane will bury him. My hope for the match, though, is that Undertaker buries Paul Bearer and that Kane runs away, leading to another match at Survivor Series. Kane keeps the belt, either way.

Luke: I’m looking forward to this match, given that I was sorely disappointed by their previous matches in this stint of the feud. I really hope that this one will deliver. We all know what The Undertaker & Kane are capable of! I really expected a Buried Alive match to take place at Survivor Series, but here it is at Bragging Rights. I’m not entirely sure where this is going, but I feel Kane will leave Bragging Rights with the title, by hook or by crook. I also feel that Paul Bearer may be leaving tonight, so I would expect to maybe see him being tossed into the grave, and buried once again.Kane

Rize: Undertaker has been absolutely dominated by Kane. When do you ever remember Taker losing at two straight PPVs? Paul Bearer has been brought back into the mix and cost Taker the title in his signature match.  Now Taker is seemingly stronger than ever. Even dragging Kane to Hell on Smackdown. Taker’s track record in this match shows he’s never successful in these. No matter. I just don’t see Taker losing again.

Gina: Since The Undertaker’s return, Kane has dominated him. Kane is stronger than ever, and it seems that The Undertaker is only getting weaker. I am not overly excited about this match because to me it feels like déjà vu. Wasn’t it the buried alive match in 2003 that raised The Undertaker again under his current persona? Kane interfered in that match and claimed The Undertaker would never be seen again. To me it just feels all too similar. I am going predict that Paul Bearer will betray Kane causing The Undertaker to win the match.

Michael: For me this feud has gone on long enough. I just have not been able to get excited about this feud. It is in part because we have seen this twice already, and also because has been stale due to PG Regulations. I want have rather have seen Buried Alive at Survivor Series, to commemorate the 2003 Buried Alive match where we saw the last of the Biker Undertaker and his debut at Survivor Series 1990. Now I have no idea what WWE is going to have at Survivor Series, now that they already handicapped themselves with these gimmick PPVs like HIAC and Elimination Chamber! I want to see Undertaker win the world title, but I don’t see that happening. I do see Undertaker being buried, but pulling down Paul Bearer with him. Kane retains again. Woohoo! (Sarcasm)

Peter: Oh my god….Someone PLEASE end this feud! Can’t we make it illegal for these two to have any more PPV matches? Am I the only one that kisses my PVR every time I use it to fast forward through anything related to these two? Please, together, let’s chant BORING in advance....It feels like it’s just being shoved down my throat. And I hate that. The Dead Man has been dead to me for a LONG time. Kane was last interesting when he was sporting his neat little red-and-black mask, and considering how long ago that has been….I don’t think that they would have put Orton over Kane on Smackdown if Kane was set to lose again to Taker a few days later. It’s a Buried Alive match, which implies that the loser is off TV for at least a few weeks or more. Taker is physically in rough shape, and as we get close to the build to Wrestlemania, it’s back to streak talk. And there’s no better way to make us believe Taker could possibly get beat (and thus end the streak) than to keep handing his ass to him over and over, and in convincing fashion. My pick, Kane AGAIN beats Undertaker and hopefully buries him about 50 feet in the ground.

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. Wade Barrett w/ John Cena

Duane: I changed my mind whilst giving my predictions in this weeks WrestlingVoice.net Podcast. I was firmly behind Randy Orton winning, and it is more likable, but I have a strange feeling that we will see a new WWE Champion tonight and that man will be Wade Barrett. They’ve been making John Cena do things against his will, and I don’t think they are going to waste all that work by having Barrett’s plan fail. Orton has been white hot, but his title win fell kind of flat, and I think he could regain a bit more popularity if he is chasing the title. Wade Barrett to win the WWE Championship.

Luke: Storyline wise, this match would be the main reason that I will be tuning into Bragging Rights. It’s a loaded situation with many possibilities. I’m really looking forward to seeing what will happen here. I can see Orton leaving with the title, however I’m not entirely sure if he will win the match. I could see a situation where Cena tries to help Barrett and ends up having him get disqualified.

Rize: The Viper has been on one hell of a role lately. Pinning Sheamus at two back to back ppv’s. Dominating the competition on RAW. Even going over to Smackdown! handing Kane his first defeat in months. Wade Barrett has the Nexus and John Cena backing him. Obvious advantage. Cena has become the proverbial lacky to Wade. His pride challenged every week, I don’t know how much more Cena can take. This oddly reminds me of JBL vs Cena at the Royal Rumble. When HBK was working for JBL. He did everything he said, including helping him win a number one contender's match. He cost JBL the title with an SCM. I’m looking for Cena to explode on Barrett, so Orton gets the win here.

I really like the storyline set up around this match. There is so much potential. Cena and Orton’s past history could get the best of Cena, and we could see him finally snap and turn heel.  But with WWE’s recent push of Orton as the new face of RAW, I wouldn’t be surprised if he walked away as the winner.  I am going to predict that Orton will retain the belt tonight.

I said in my HIAC prediction that I thought WWE handcuffed themselves with the Cena/Barrett match. Boy was I wrong! For me, Cena with Nexus has given the Nexus angle an adrenaline shot to the feud. While as a Cena fan, I don’t like seeing Cena being Wade’s servant boy, I do find it entertaining. Who would have thought that Nexus Could lose 3 members but be more powerful than they were before SummerSlam? I feel that as the company’s #2 superstar, Orton deserves to have a long reign at the top. If Diesel and JBL get 250+ day reigns, Orton deserves one too! I’m not saying a reign as long as Cena’s from Sept 2006 to Oct 2007 but close to it. Anyway, I would like to see Nexus win a title before they disband, so don’t be surprised if Barrett ends up winning the title in the next few months. I see this Cena storyline being similar to HBK’s as JBL’s employee in 2008 with Cena ending up leaving Nexus by Wrestlemania, of course. Cena gets involved, but Orton retains.

I called this a week after the last PPV. I don’t claim to know EXACTLY how it plays out, but doesn’t having Barrett with the belt and then Cena as his protection open up the door for a vast number of different challengers to the belt? I have always said, Orton is crazy over and just doesn’t need a belt. In fact, in what maybe would be an odd (but smart) move, I wouldn’t even rule out Orton moving to Smackdown to tangle with Kane for HIS belt (while Taker is digging himself up from China). Expect Cena to play some role in this and let’s hope there is enough of a surprise factor thrown in that we have a couple of new feuds or directions to take TV for the near future. It’s conceivable that it could also end up with Cena somehow COSTING Barrett the title (and thus amping up the friction between the two), but I’ll stick with my original thoughts of Barrett getting a lot more shine as a result of actually holding the strap, and having Cena continue somehow helping him cheat to win as he eeks out successful defense after successful defense. Lots of folks are pointing to this as being too short a reign for Orton. I agree, it would be quick, but I think that’s part of the beauty of this being a little shocking. My pick: Wade Barrett.

Unified Diva’s Championship
Layla © w/ Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

Duane: For weeks and weeks they’ve teased Natalya getting the Sharpshooter on LayCool, however every time she grabs the legs and goes for it something gets in the way, whether it’s the other member of LayCool or even a shoe, something has prevented it from happening. It was destined to be heading for the big pay off of Natalya finally locking the Sharpshooter and winning the Unified Diva’s Championship, but we got that payoff on Smackdown in a tag team match when the title wasn’t even on the line. If Natalya was to win the Diva’s Championship tonight then I don’t think she would of made Layla tap out on Friday night. I also think that with the momentum Smackdown picked up in defeating RAW this past week in the Battle Royal and the inter promotional matches I think Smackdown will win again tonight in the two matches leading to the main event and for that reason I think Layla will win.

Luke: Boo to Diva’s matches. I’m headed in the direction of the lovely Natalya, she’s hot, so is Layla, but I’m on a Natalya kick right now!

Rize: LayCool is the dumbest angle in professional wrestling today. I hate the fact that they always hold the top titles. Co-champions? Seriously? From that idiotic dance entrance to those dumb catch phrases. I would love nothing more than to see Natalya clutch the Sharpshooter in on Layla. She is long overdue for the title. But WWE management will let the dumb duo to continue, so Layla for the win.

Gina: Given that WWE love keeping the championship on LayCool and burying the rest of the women’s division I am going to predict that LayCool will win tonight.

While I picked Natalya at HIAC, she needs to win here. I for one am sick of Lay-cool with there childish gimmick. Its like watching two 14 year old girls! If WWE cares about the woman’s division (With NXT 3 being divas, it makes you think that) then they will have Natalya win the title! Natalya is probably the 2nd-best diva that can wrestle behind Beth Phoenix. Also, I find Natalya to be very hot, regardless of what Lay-cool says! Really WWE, could we stop with Lay-cool trying to degrade our best divas like Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Natalya, as I find the three of them way hotter than Lay-Cool? (No Offense Undertaker!) Natalya finally wins a well-deserved divas title!

Peter: Everybody breathing sees that there is clearly a breakup of Laycool coming at some point but the question is just when is it going to happen. Could the PPV be it? PPV’s are SUPPOSED to have a couple of surprises and I think they may use this as a match to inject a little “oh, didn’t necessarily see THAT coming." The skits from Michelle McCool and Layla are for the most part, entertaining. They’re a good reminder for us 30 somethings of those twits that you might have gone to high school with. You know, they would stand there in front of their locker mirror and fiddle with their make up as they chewed their frigging gum like their life depended on it. Natalya seems destined to get ahold of that strap sooner or later and winning it now would help her get over. You can only get so popular by having a famous last name and right now she’s starting to look like she’s peaked unless she finally gets that big win. Maybe they get five or six minutes to work, and maybe Natalya has a narrow miss or two with getting Layla into the peashooter, and it starts to shape up like she’s going to come up short yet again. And whammo, McCool makes some boo boo and costs Layla the victory. Belt changes hands, Natalya wins and the two Barbie twins have a throw down.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

I have the same feelings about this match as I do with the Diva’s match. Why would they have Bryan not only get the LaBell Lock on Ziggler on RAW last week but actually make him tap out if he was just going to do it again Sunday and win the champion versus champion match? I don’t think they would unless they want to make Daniel Bryan look strong and based on recent weeks, his two bouts with Sheamus in particular we know thats not going to happen. So I reckon Dolph Ziggler will win.

Luke: For me, I think this will be match of the night. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s the only match of the night that will be focused solely on the wrestling. I can’t wait. I’m looking for a Daniel Bryan victory.

Rize: Match of the night honors. These two superstars are undoubtedly the hottest young superstars in the WWE today. Bryan has had more obstacles thrown his way, while Dolph was chasing the IC Title for a year. It’s really tuff to predict the outcome of this match. I expect Vicky to get involved, but The Miz and Alex Riley have learned interference doesn’t really effect Bryan. That being the only way Ziggler could win, I’m predicting Bryan to make Ziggler tap to the Lebell Lock.

Gina: Considering how long it took WWE to push Dolph Ziggler and how quickly it took WWE to push Daniel Bryan, I am going to predict that Daniel Bryan will walk away after tonight as the winner.

It is great to see two underdogs being champions. Ziggler who was probably the worst used talent this year and Bryan, one of best all around wrestlers finally being treated nice! I am sick of the Ziggler/Vickie storyline. I get that WWE wants to give Vickie a job but please could it just be as the Vice GM of Smackdown and no sexual tones! I thought this was supposed to be PG, but you don’t allow Blood but it is okay for Striker to call Vickie a cougar! That my friends it some messed up logic! This should be a good match and possibly the match of the PPV as we have the Crippler Crossface vs. The Sleeper Hold! I see Bryan winning with the Crossface and Ziggler and Vickie fighting due to her costing him the match!

Peter: I can’t say that this champion vs. champion has the same level of intensity and excitement as, say, Hogan versus Warrior, but regardless….Both these “young” competitors give us some exciting work to tune in for on a weekly basis. It is critical in keeping me from being bored out of my tree by the lame segments we often have poured over our eyes. Clearly the storyline is focused mostly around Kaitlyn and Vickie and all the issues that are going on between them. Expect everything going on OUTSIDE the ring to be as interesting as what goes on IN the ring. Now don’t get me wrong, Dolph and “the guy with the lamest entrance music ever” are more than capable of putting on a fantastic match, and in fact, I expect just that. But you can bet that there will be some level of interference with the ladies. Maybe Dolph is distracted and Daniel rolls him up. Or perhaps Kaitlyn is trying to whack Vickie with something, she ducks, and Dolph gets smoked leaving Daniel to put on his fantabulous finisher. In any event, my pick, Daniel Bryan.