Mark Cuban Gains the Red Eye's Support

mark murrellCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2008

This morning, the Red Eye (arguable the most popular publication in Chicago) featured Mark Cuban on the cover, Dancing with the Cubs, with the other bidders aligned at the bottom.

Let’s take a symbolic look at this.

There are a number of hints that the Red Eye is in favor of Mark Cuban.

  1. The cover: Mark Cuban gets 90 percent of the cover, while the other bidders are aligned on the bottom.
  2. Lopsided commentary: Mark Cuban was the only one interviewed in the article.
  3. Article page: Once again, Cuban gets the most real estate (75 percent) and the use of vibrant graphics brings the eye to his data.

Interesting, no? The media has great influence today, and articles like this can only support the Cuban cause; Mark Cuban, the next owner of the Chicago Cubs.

Special Note: While in Wrigley on Tuesday with the girls, Cubs fans were dazzled by this grassroots team and commenced to horde our Cuban throng. If buzz is the defining variable for whom should be the owner of the Cubs, Mark Cuban is far ahead of the competition.