Best Fighters In The NHL

Jack PorterCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2017

We are always taking about the stars like Crosby and Ovechkin, now its time to talk about the warriors, the players who put their own bodies on the line to try and swing the momentum towards there own team.

5. David Koci 6'6" 228 lb CHI

The big guy from Prague, Czech Republic fought 16 times this season (8 NHL,8 AHL)      and he picked up 9 wins.

4.  Steve Ott  6'1" 186 lb DAL

Ott from Stoney Point , Ontario, dropped the gloves 13 times in 2007-2008 and he managed to pick-up 7 wins.

3. Eric Goddard 6'4" 225 lb CAL

Eric from Vernon, British Columbia let the fists fly 17 times and put his counter-part on the ice 10 out of the 17 times.

2. Daniel Carcillo 5'11" 202 lb

This little fighter from King City, Ontario can dance with the heavyweights of the NHL and beat them. The 23 year old picked 19 fights and was the last man standing in 15 of them.

1. Derek Boogaard 6'7" 270 lb MIN

This monster hails from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Derek fought the least out of anyone on this list, he only scarped 10 times. What makes him number 1 is he won 9 of them and most of his wins were landslides. Boogaard also teaches fighting at a camp in the off-season.