In The Bleachers Podcast: 2008 Big Ten Preview

InTheBleachers.netSenior Analyst IAugust 22, 2008

The Big Ten is the conference under a lot of scrutiny, in terms of the quality of its teams, the past few years, and it's the topic of discussion in this week's In The Bleachers Podcast. Jeff Brancolini brings another great Chopshop this weeks as he ranks the Big Ten based on the cities in which its schools are located.

Oops Pow Surprise from Black Heart Gold Pants spent 40 minutes on the show talking a lot about Iowa football, and how he comes up with such great sayings for Joe Paterno on his blog.

My next guest was Adam Nettina from the College Football News. Adam and I do a brief overview of the rest of the Big Ten and talk about teams in the middle of the pack fighting for bowl eligibility.

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