Brett Favre: Report Says QB Admits Voicemails, How It'll Affect Legacy

Denton Ramsey@DentonRamseySenior Analyst IOctober 24, 2010

Brett Favre: Report Says QB Admits Voicemails, How It'll Affect Legacy

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    The dominoes are beginning to fall in the latest athlete fall from grace story.

    According to Fox Sports reports, Brett Favre admitted to the NFL that he did leave voice mail messages for Jenn Sterger, although he has denied sending her any lewd photos or texts.

    In an ongoing investigation, the NFL is attempting to speak with Sterger—who still hasn’t decided whether or not to talk to league officials.

    “We have an ongoing dialogue with the NFL,” Phil Reese, a spokesman for Sterger, told the Associated Press on Friday. “What we’ve been talking about is having Jenn come in. Like I have said, she is strongly considering it. Ultimately this decision is hers and hers alone.”

    Regardless of Sterger’s cooperation with the league, the Minnesota Vikings QB is just ready to put this issue behind him.

    But the stories won’t stop until the investigation concludes.

    “At this point we have not reached any conclusions,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told ESPN. “We will continue to pursue opportunities to speak with individuals that potentially have information.”

    Beyond the final decision reached by the NFL when this investigation finally does come to an end, let’s take a look at 10 ways Favre’s latest revelations will affect his NFL legacy…

No. 10: From Green Bay Greatness to Minnesota Revelations Madness

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    Right about now, I bet Brett Favre just wishes he had stayed in Green Bay.

    Since leaving the city where he was once worshipped, Favre’s life has been anything but a sweet ride.

    And from his one-year stint with the New York Jets—which ended up being a whole lot more than just a season on the gridiron—to his current career with the Minnesota Vikings, Favre has weathered his share of storms.

    But none of those storms can compare to the hurricane where the battered QB now finds himself.

    It’s been a long, strange trip from Green Bay to Minnesota.

    Sunday’s scandal revelations, sadly, put Favre’s football career on the back-burner—while bringing his painful personal life to the forefront…

No. 9: The 2010 Season Has Been Rough on Favre; This Makes It Worse

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    The start to this NFL season has not been the type of year Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings were hoping for, and that’s probably an understatement.

    Sunday’s revelations only make matters worse.

    On the football field in 2010, Favre has 979 passing yards—tossing six touchdowns and seven interceptions.

    Of the field, Favre’s life is in turmoil as well.

    And the legendary QB continues to take numerous hard hits both on and off the gridiron this season. 

No. 8: Lies, Cheating and Scandals Have Forced Favre’s Hand

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    To make a long and ongoing story short, lies, cheating and scandals have forced Brett Favre’s hand in this latest mess.

    But at least he’s talking.

    And so far, at least admitting to PART of the allegations against him.

    Will there be more true lies to come?

    Most likely, yes; between now and then, let the Favre drama roll on…

No. 7: This Is Just the Beginning; Civil Suit Could Be On Tap

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    According to wire reports on, attorney Joseph Conway—the lawyer for Jenn Sterger—has refuted claims that his client won’t cooperate with league officials, saying she “could very well be talking to the NFL in the very near future.”

    And possibly as early as this week, according to the report.

    Conway told the Associated Press that Sterger will make her decision very soon, and that one option is to file a civil suit against Favre.

    “Miss Sterger, in the coming days, will make a decision on what she’s going to do,” Conway told USA Today. “There’s a whole list of possibilities open to us. We can talk to the NFL. She can file a civil suit. She can do a whole host of things or she can do nothing and put this whole thing behind her.”

    He also said Sterger would make a decision based on what is best for her and her future.

    “Anybody can speculate as to potential options down the road,” Conway said. “For right now, we haven’t had talks with the Favre camp. And Miss Sterger’s credibility is not up for sale.”

No. 6: Beyond the Gridiron, His "Family Man" Reputation Is Ruined

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    No matter how you slice it, Brett Favre’s former “family man” reputation has been completely flushed down the toilet.

    And the ongoing days and months will be telling times for the Minnesota Vikings quarterback.

    But Sunday’s revelations will sting for quite some time; and looking at the big picture, the result is crystal clear: Favre’s former image has been shattered forever. 

No. 5: Favre’s Story Just Another Brick in the "Fall From Grace" Wall

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    Sadly, we can just add Brett Favre’s name to the athletic hall of shame.

    He’ll be joining the likes of Tiger Woods and Roger Clemens, just to name a couple of examples.

    But America eats up the pain and the heartache.

    For some reason, our society thrives on these types of stories—and the Minnesota QB’s latest revelations are just another brick in the “fall from grace” wall…

No. 4: Heartache on Favre’s Family Members Will Take Time to Heal

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    For Brett Favre’s family members, the wounds endured from an issue such as the current scandal at hand will take lots of time, and a whole lot of talking and forgiving, to heal.

    But it can happen.

    And if there’s one guy out there who has battled back time and time again on the field of play, Favre has an even tougher challenge ahead as he attempts to beat the odds in his personal life.

    Hopefully, this sad situation has been discussed at home and behind closed doors with his family members.

    That’s where it will start, and Favre knows that.

    But it will absolutely take time for those wounds to heal…

No. 3: Can He Ever Be Trusted Again, On or Off the Field of Play?

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    One of the biggest questions surrounding Brett Favre after Sunday’s revelations quickly hit the headlines is: can he ever be trusted again, whether on or off the field of play?

    And obviously, that will be an issue Favre will have to work out with his wife more than anyone else.

    But it also begs a much bigger question in terms of athletes, female sideline sports reporters, and issues going on between the two sides that must be addressed.

    Sure, this is the first time we’ve heard about it.

    It also just happens to be allegations against Favre, one of the most loved and famed players in NFL history.

    I guess it does prove that these types of major moral downfalls can happen to anybody.

    Leaving just one final question:

    Can Favre change?

No. 2: Fans Will Remember Favre for Sterger Scandal Over NFL Moments

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    Beyond the gridiron glory, a majority of fans and sports spectators alike will remember Brett Favre for his Jenn Sterger scandal over his NFL moments.

    Sad, but true.

    You would think one of these days, these athletes would learn from mistakes made by those around them.

    Instead, we usually just get another drawn-out drama concerning a former role model turned liar and cheater.

    We do live in a society that thrives on selfish satisfaction and cheating celebrities, but for Favre, that reality has hit the fan.

    And this moment will forever be a part of Favre’s scarred life…

No. 1: It’s Almost Like An "AA" Meeting—Admitting It Is Step One of Many

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    Watching all the Brett Favre drama unfold is almost like having a chair at an “Alcoholics Anonymous” meeting: admitting fault is step one of many.

    For Favre, those baby steps have already begun.

    But there will be lots of tears and pain in the future.

    With time, those wounds can be healed.

    On the gridiron, Favre must now place his personal failures on the sidelines and focus on football.

    Off the gridiron, Favre must now work on mending the broken pieces to his shattered reputation.

    One step, and one press conference, at a time.

    Eventually, the truth will come out; and then we can put all this Favre fuss behind us and focus on football…


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