Flawless: Why WWE's Women's Division Needs LayCool

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIOctober 28, 2010

LayCool: The Best thing in the WWE's Women's Division
LayCool: The Best thing in the WWE's Women's Division

Finally, the King of the Nerds has come back to Bleacher Report!

The dust has settled after Bragging Rights, and LayCool are still the co-women's (I refuse to acknowledge it as the divas championship) champions.

Now, many of you will be writing articles complaining about how they don't deserve to be champions and how they are overrated and annoying. Or maybe you won't even give them the respect of having their own article and will just make some disparaging remark in a Bragging Rights review article.

However, I'm here to tell you why LayCool are vital to the WWE's women's division, and why they still deserve to be champions.

At the moment, LayCool are the most entertaining aspect of the Divas division. Only Melina would be able to have a good feud with them, and we've already seen it.

There are divas who are not used to their full potential (Gail Kim, Natalya), but when people say they are underused, they are only talking about wrestling skills.

Neither Gail nor Natalya can speak well, but Michelle and Layla can. Now, before you blast me in the comments about caring more about mic skills, listen to what I have to say. Mic skills in the WWE are very important, and unfortunately, many divas do not have them.

If the Rock did not have good mic skills, he definitely would not have been as popular as he was and still is. Hell, if John Cena had bad mic skills, he would be in the same position as William Regal, perhaps.

Michelle and Layla have the best mic skills out of the women in the WWE, and another reason why they are needed in the women's division is that they are able to carry a feud well. They draw real heat toward themselves, as they are constantly humiliating other divas and making them look bad.

It takes skill to play a heel well, and LayCool have that skill. Many people will complain that LayCool don't have mic skills, and they are just annoying. Isn't that what a heel is supposed to be!? It's the same kind of situation as with Michael Cole. They play their part well enough that you complain about them.

When it comes to actual wrestling skills, they aren't the best. However, they are not the worst, and they are very much improving. Take a look at a video of a match of Layla one year ago and compare it to one today. You will see a drastic difference. They are certainly better than divas like Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins, and are even better than Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Eve.

I have been praising LayCool in this article, but if you placed them in TNA, I can assure you, they wouldn't be as popular. Yes, I am saying it. TNA's women's division is better than WWE's.

Now, that doesn't mean that it is actually good, just better than WWE. Comparing TNA's and WWE's women's divisions is like comparing Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. Neither has much talent, and the only thing they have going for them is that they're hot. WWE's division is so depleted, however, that the best they have is Michelle McCool and Layla.

So, now can you see why the WWE needs LayCool? The WWE is in the dumps in its divas division, and losing LayCool would just dig them into a bigger hole. I have seen many articles saying LayCool needs to break up, but I say they need to stay together and remain as Divas champions.

The WWE women's division needs to be represented by someone who can talk, wrestle, draw heat, and carry a feud, and LayCool is the perfect answer for the depleted Women's division.

Ben Gartland