Brock Lesnar: How the Former Champ Regains His Spot Atop UFC Food Chain

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistOctober 24, 2010

Brock Lesnar: How the Former Champ Regains His Spot Atop UFC Food Chain

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    Brock Lesnar was dominated by Cain Velasquez as he tried to defend his UFC championship, and it wasn't pretty.

    Lesnar left the ring a bloody mess after the fight was stopped in the first round. The champion could not defend himself and it was evident that it was only getting worse.

    Last night's fight wasn't the last we'll see of Lesnar, but if he wants to get back to the top, he's going to need to do some hard work.

    Inside are 10 things that Lesnar wants to do if he wants to be the top dog in the UFC again.

No. 10: Ignore The Drama

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    Last night after the fight, WWE superstar The Undertaker was being interviewed by Fanhouse when Brock Lesnar walked by and the two had a minor confrontation as he was walking to the locker room.

    When asked what it was about, the Undertaker said it was something personal and that's all he would say about the situation.

    Remember that Lesnar was a WWE superstar and left the company on bad terms. I'm sure that didn't sit well with the Undertaker.

    Things like that are what Lesnar needs to avoid. He needs to focus on fighting and not let personal drama or disputes get in the way.

No. 9: Humility

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    Since Brock Lesnar has gotten to the UFC, he's acted like he's invincible, especially after he captured the UFC championship.

    This loss proved that he isn't and proved that he can beaten and beaten badly by his opponent. If I'm Lesnar, I come back with a more humble approach to the craft instead of the loudmouth, cocky approach that he's been taking.

    If you're cocky, it leads to you being soft and leads to a big downfall like we saw last night.

No. 8: Improve Ability To Take Punches

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    One thing in last night's fight that Lesnar struggled with was responding to being hit the way he was hit in the first round.

    Lesnar went reeling and his form totally broke down and put him into a position to be beaten badly.

    He's got to learn how to be able to keep his form and stand strong under a fierce attack. He can't get away with just overwhelming people with his strength from the start of the fight.

    If he learns how to stay strong under attack, he's going to only get better as a fighter.

No. 7: Work on Stand-Up Game

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    Lesnar struggled when the fight shifted to more of a toe-to-toe style fight and that's when Velasquez did a lot of his damage and knocked Lesnar to the ground.

    Lesnar is not going to be winning any boxing matches any time soon and he needs to learn how to be a more balanced attacker and be able to get through those type of slugfests with his opponent. Right now, he just looks overmatched in that type of fighting.

    With his size and strength, working on that type of attack could create a source of offense that few people would be able to beat.

No. 6: Work On Takedown Defense

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    Once Lesnar was knocked to the ground he was pummeled and it opened up a huge gash on his face and Lesnar left the fight with his face red, swollen and bloody.

    He just seemed unable to defend himself once the pressure got turned up on him. It just kept getting worse and worse and eventually the fight had to be stopped, because it was clear that Lesnar could not defend himself and it was getting out of hand.

    Lesnar needs to learn how to cover up and how to get out of situations once he's in trouble on the ground. He looked helpless last night.

No. 5: Use More Wrestling Techniques

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    Brock Lesnar was a great amateur wrestler at Minnesota and if you watched last night's fight, you couldn't have told that.

    Lesnar came out aggressive and tried to club Cain Velasquez into submission but with a fighter like him, that just wasn't going to happen.

    His technique was just too good and it took Lesnar down in the end. Despite how strong he is, he needs to improve his skill to win.

    He needs to wear opponents down with skill and then finish them off with that devastating power. Not every opponent will fold under that display of strength.

No. 4: Discipline

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    One thing Lesnar did at the start of the fight was just wildly try to overwhelm his opponent in an attempt to finish it early.

    That display left him wide open and opened the door for his defeat last night. Lesnar needs to learn to make smart decisions when trying to break down his opponent's defense.

    When facing a disciplined opponent like Cain Velasquez, being that free with your attack is just going to end badly.

    It ended up in Velasquez picking apart Lesnar and then just finishing the job when he had the chance.

No. 3: Commitment to Training

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    When Lesnar lost to Frank Mir, he went into the gym and made an extra effort to improve and get better and it resulted in Lesnar running through the field and becoming the champion.

    Maybe this brutal defeat will spur him to get back in the gym and become a better, hungrier fighter like it did last time. If it does, it's going to create a monster.

    There's plenty that Lesnar needs to work on, and I'm sure he'll want to get into the gym as soon as possible to fix what went wrong last night.

    Lesnar isn't a perfect fighter, but if he's hungry like he was after the loss to Mir, he's going to come back better and have a great chance at winning the championship again.

No. 2: Motivation

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    Brock Lesnar has made it no secret that he hates to lose and the last time he lost, he became a man possessed and ended up dominating the competition.

    Lesnar talked a big game coming into the fight and ended up leaving it a bloody, defeated mess after getting dominated in less than a round of fighting. He's a proud man and losing that way can't sit well with him.

    If Lesnar approaches his next fight the way he did after the loss to Frank Mir, he's going to be hard to beat going forward.

No. 1: A Couple Of Big Wins

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    Brock Lesnar isn't getting a rematch for the title right away so what Lesnar needs to do is just get a couple of impressive wins under his belt and then make a run at the title one more time.

    He needs to get in the gym and work on his craft and just become a better fighter.

    He's not a dominant beast like he was made out to be by a lot of people but if he comes out and scores high-profile wins, it's going to put him right back in the title hunt.

    Lesnar won't go away quietly, that's for sure. If he does, he's not the man we thought he was.