Jeff Hardy has embraced his dark side

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 23, 2010

It all started at Bound For Glory.  Jeff Hardy seemingly made a deal with the Devil, as he sided with Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Jeff Jeff Jarrett, who revealed themselves to be the mysterious “They” that Abyss had been talking about.  Hardy had done the unexpected, and turned heel.

     But what was perhaps even more unexpected was Hardys transformation into what he calls the new “anti-christ” of wrestling.  His promo’s over the last two weeks have had a very sinister  edge to them, and at times he almost sounds like another twisted soul on the TNA roster.  That person being none other than Raven.

     But this turn shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise.  Right now, TNA needs a main event heel, and the thought of RVD, or Mr Anderson making that turn at this time, doesn’t make as much sense as it does with Hardy.  That, and it came with a much better shock factor at the pay per view.  And really, this is a bit closer to being an extension of Jeffs personality, rather than him just being evil for the sake of it.  Jeff has always been a bit of a strange character, as is evident by his moniker of “Charismatic Enigma”.  Not to mention the fact that he has had plenty of issues outside of the ring as well.  Controversy and Jeff Hardy are no strangers to each other.  So why not let Jeff explore a few of those inner demons, and let them out to play.

     There is one other thing that also comes to mind when thinking of Jeffs recent actions, and that is, that his brother Matt has just been released by WWE, and will most likely be joining him in TNA once his no compete clause runs out.  But will Matt be on his brothers side when he makes his debut?  Imagine an evil version of The Hardy Boyz menacing TNA.  Or will he oppose his brother, and try to make him come to his senses?  Either scenario sounds good to me.  But until then, I am looking forward to seeing what Jeff can do with his new, and more sinister persona.