The John Cena/Nexus Angle Might Just Be One of the Most Interesting in Years!

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IOctober 23, 2010

Hell In A Cell was definitely an interesting night. We had Orton retaining the WWE Championship against Sheamus, we saw Paul Bearer return to help The Undertaker or so we thought before he betrayed Taker and joined sides with Kane and we had John Cena take on Wade Barrett with some big things on the line.

If Wade Barrett lost the match then Nexus would be forced to disband. However, if Cena lost the match then he would be forced to join side with Wade Barrett and the Nexus.

At Hell In A Cell things went Barrett’s way as he won the matchup with a bit of help from two mysterious attackers who would later be identified as Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty.

The Monday after Hell In A Cell the show kicked off with Nexus officially inducting John Cena into the group. He received a Nexus armband from the group and was told he had a tag team match tonight and was given the right to pick his own partner for the evening, with the partner being a member of the Nexus of course.

Cena allowed their opponents, Mark Henry and Evan Bourne do whatever they wanted to Tarver, and after the match, he added some punishment of his own. Cena’s plan was to take Nexus down from within, but this plan would soon be proven flawed.

The Anonymous Raw General Manager emailed in and told Cena that Nexus is a group that listens to and is lead by Wade Barrett, and if he didn’t take orders from him, he would be fired. Cena was in shock, but there was no doubt that he understood the situation.

Later that night there would be a 20-Man Battle Royal, and the winner would be the new No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship.  The Nexus were instructed to help Barrett win the battle royal. John Cena would fullfill his duties and keep Barrett safe. Barrett and John Cena were the last two superstars left in the battle royal and that’s when Barrett told Cena to eliminate himself. Cena would have no choice as he went over the ropes willingly as his feet touched the floor.

The following week John Cena had a chance to become the captain for Team Raw at WWE Bragging Rights. That same night Barrett informed Cena that he would be in Barrett’s corner for his Bragging Rights match with Orton for the title.

The match between The Miz and John Cena was a wild one without a doubt but would end with Cena losing due to interference from, guess who, McGillicutty and Harris. Things would not get much better for John Cena after the match as Barrett tortured him with mind games. The show closed off with Barrett saying, “Until next week John, you can’t see me.” Those words obviously would play over and over in Cena’s head (kayfabe).

This week, Cena got a chance to let out some of his frustrations as he would tag with Orton against Harris and McGillicutty. If the two former NXT Season 2 rookies could get the victory, they would join the Nexus faction. However, despite their great teamwork Harris and McGillicutty would be on the losing end of things. When the match was over Cena’s post match celebration told the entire story.

However, more frustrations would build for John as he would have to watch Barrett and the Nexus beat Orton to a pulp.

Now you’ll notice in my title I said this angle might be one of the most interesting in years, and it very well may be. Cena seems like a man imprisoned, enslaved by the Nexus. He is forced to be a member of a group he wants destroyed and help a man he despises with all his heart. Honestly, if you want to use Cena in a way that all age groups would be caught up in this would be the way.

When it comes to the younger audience, they stay intrigued as they hope that their hero, John Cena will find a loophole to this Nexus thing, and that he will break free and beat down Barrett and the rest of the group.

When it comes to the older audience, it’s all about the heel turn. Cena joining Nexus brings in the older audience who is hoping that somewhere down the line Vince will pull the trigger and turn John Cena heel.

In regards to the heel turn, a good point was made on Right After Wrestling on The Score this week. They said if Vince is going to pull the trigger on the heel turn, he wants it to be one of the greatest heel turns in WWE history.

Sticking with the heel turn for a bit, I think the trigger won’t be pulled just yet as he is not sure how Orton would do as the face of the WWE, especially since Orton said himself that he felt like he was a natural born heel. Let’s not forget the drop in merchandise sales would be huge as well because as we all know Cena draws in TONS of money in merchandise selling his t-shirts, hats, etc.

Vince McMahon would need a guaranteed money maker if he were to turn John Cena heel.

The thing is, even if Vince does not pull the trigger on the heel turn, this storyline is still as interesting as they get. All of us will definitely be tuned in wondering what exactly will happen to Cena and if, when and how Cena will break free from Barrett and crew.

If and when Cena does break free from the group, it will likely mark the killing of the Nexus. Hence, as soon as Cena breaks out from their clutches, the Nexus group will be nearing its end.

Something else that could happen is what if Cena breaks down one day and just attacks Wade Barrett? The Anonymous GM said that Cena must obey Barrett, and I’m sure Barrett wouldn’t instruct Cena to attack him. The possibilities from there are endless.

Going back to the heel turn that could be the time for it. Even though Cena would be beating up Nexus which is a heel faction, he could really let himself go on the beat down. Break the GM’s computer, beat up any referees or superstars that try to stop him and go through a complete attitude adjustment (pun intended).

From there, the heel turn could slowly happen as the crowd begins to turn against him, after they get up to speed with Cena’s new attitude which would be the furthest thing from a face persona. With that, John could become the heel all the older fans have wanted him to become for years!

Or he could end up getting fired liked the General Manager promised. With that, Cena would go on a quest to find the GM and he could finally be revealed to the delight of the WWE Universe.

Like I said, the possibilities are endless!

Bragging Rights will be an important chapter in this story. Needless to say it’ll be yet another interesting night for Cena. My prediction is John Cena will end up costing Barrett the match after he is forced to help Barrett win—against his will.

Despite what happens, I think we all have to give credit where credit is due and tell Vince that he has pure gold going for him here. He has all of the WWE Universe engaged in a storyline that seems to be one of the finest in quite some time. Vince, you and your creative team have done well.

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