UFC 121 Brock Lesnar Vs Cain Velasquez Live Blog

Sam NassarCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2010

The weigh ins are finished, the talk is over and all of the fighters are passed the point of no return.  All that is left now is to enter the cage to see who is truly the better fighter.  Mexican flags and cheers are loud and evident in the crowd with the UFC's promotion of Cain Velasquez possibly being the first ever Mexican Heavyweight champion in UFC history.  This card is stacked with nothing short of a premier card for fans tonight.  Jake Shields also makes his long awaited UFC debut to prove if one of  Strikeforce's top champions can hang in the top organization of MMA.  Martin Kampmann seeks to Also on the card is "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz as he attempts to regain his former glory as well as teaching his former student Matt Hamill one last lesson.  The lights are up, the music is bumping and the fans are screaming for it.  Let's get ready for a great night of fights.



Jon Madsen  Gilbert Yvel (Heavyweight Bout) 

The two fighters feel each other out early much to the dislike of the fans.  When boo's start to come from thee crowd Madsen springs into action taking down the gifted striker in Yvel.  Ground and pound from Madsen with no answer back from Yvel who cowers away.  The fight stops and Madsen is victorious. 

Chris Camozzi Dong Yi Yang (Middleweight Bout)

Camozzi and Yang go back and forth exchanging blows early.  Camozzi has success with knees from his clinch and both are hungry for the brawl.  Yang opens early with postured punches from top guard but Camozzi stays in strong.  This fight is a mix of takedowns, muay thai and submission attempts from both fighters.  Yang is bloody late in the fight but he was never out of the scramble. Round 3 comes to a close with a bloody Korean and a celebrating Camozzi.  The fight was close but the split decision goes to Camozzi.

Sam Stout vs Paul Taylor (Lightweight Bout)

Stout comes out aggressive early with beautiful punch combination's  Taylor attempts to dig in body shots on the inside unsuccessfully.  Stout looks calm and collected in the cage while his opponent is left in defense mode.  Taylor works leg kicks to keep Stout out of his range so he can compose himself.  Stout gets a last minute take down to close out round 1.

Taylor comes out more composed for round 2 and continues to work high with punches and low with leg kicks.  Taylor is having more success with overhand rights and hooks here in the second.  Taylor loses his balance after a mid kick is caught by Stout and the two work their way out from the clinch.  Taylor's speed has picked up and Stout seems to be having trouble adjusting. 

Taylor is having success staying on the outside of range in the start of round 3.  Stout is loading up on his kicks and punches to respond.  Taylor capitalizes using kicks every time Stout drops his head to evade.  With 30 seconds left to go Stout seems to be gassing while Taylor pulls a last minute attempt for a take down.  The fight ends as a successful striking battle but in the end Stout gets the split decision.  There are a mix of cheers and boo's from the crowd with many disputing the decision. 

Mike Guymon vs Daniel Roberts (Welterweight Bout)

Daniel Roberts has a quality corner with Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez behind him.  Roberts works kicks early leading into some wild punches to push Guymon back.  The fight gets pushed to the cage and Roberts locks on a guillotine that he uses to flip Guymon over for the tap.  The finish is an impressive choke with the anaconda finishing Guymon early.


Patrick "The Predator" Cote vs "Filthy" Tom Lawlor (Middleweight Bout)

Lawlor wants no part of Cote's striking and immedietly clinches the Canadian and rushes him to the cage for a take down.  Lawlor works small shots as Cote controls the head to keep things close.  Lawlor traps Cote against the cage working elbows and punches.  Lawlor goes for an arm triangle but Cote struggles out eventually reversing Lawlor at the close of round 1.

In round 2 Lawlor does not seem comfortable on his feet and after an uncomfortable exchange he rushes Cote to the cage once again.Once again Lawlor gets a take down to top guard where he works elbows and short punches.  Cote manages to scramble to his feet but is still in clinch position against the fence.  Once again Lawlor shows that his wrestling experience can nullify Cote's stand up ability and puts him to the canvas.  Big John watches intently and decides to stand the two fighters up.  Cote works some long range kicks and a punch gets countered by Lawlor at the close of round 2.

Round 3 opens with Lawlor rushing into punches and switches levels for a take down.  Again Lawlor tries for the arm triangle with no success.  Now in top side control Lawlor works elbows and punches.  A slick transition gains Lawlor mount momentarily.  Lawlor's hammer fists from the top have lost their power here in round 3.  Every time Cote seeks to escape Lawlor is right on top of him to counter.  John McCarthy stands the fighters up once more due to inactivity and Lawlor again rushes his opponent from clinch against the cage to the ground.  The fans here in Anaheim are not enjoying Lawlor'  tactics and are fine with letting him know so.  The fight finishes uneventfully with Lawlor gaining the nod.


Court Mcgee vs Ryan Jensen (Middleweight Bout)


Brendan "The Hybrid" Schaub vs Gabriel Gonzaga (Heavyweight Bout)


Tito Ortiz vs Matt "The Hammer" Hamill (Light-Heavyweight Bout)


Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez vs Paulo Thiago (Welterweight Bout)


Jake Shields vs Martin "The Hitman" Kampmann (Welterweight Bout)


Brock Lesnar (c) vs Cain Velasquez (Heavyweight Title Bout)