Bleacher Report's Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist

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Bleacher Report's Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist

Hello one and all! How've you been lately? Well, lately, I've actually been pretty bored. And you want to know why that is? It's because there aren't any women's wrestling articles!

It's no secret Bleacher Report isn't big on women's wrestling (on the writing side), and I wonder why that is. Well, I decided to challenge you all. Starting today I want to find the next top women's wrestling columnist. And what better way to do that than in contest form?


The aim of the contest:

Many other people, including myself, want to see other points of view on women's wrestling.

Why only have two opinions?

I say two because Renee Gerber and I are the only current consistent women's wrestling writers. We know that there are plenty of other people who want to read about women's wrestling. Just look at the number of people who read our articles. It might even be YOU!

So we want to find those other people to write consistently about the current state of women's wrestling. But not only that. We also want to stir up some competition on BR! Why, you ask? It's because competition brings out the best in everyone, and who knows, maybe it'll lead to more articles on women's wrestling on a consistent basis.


Rules for the contest:

This is how it will work:

First: All who want to join can simply apply through the comments section below, on my bulletin board or through contacting me.

Second: Once all who want to sign up do so, we'll carve the amount of people down to six or so people.

Third: In the next contest article, I will give all the competitors a weekly challenge. Judging will be based on formatting, grammar and overall creativity out of 10. For example:

Formatting- 5




The two people with the lowest scores will be put in the bottom two for deliberation between the judges to eliminate one or the other. Speaking of those judges, aside from me, the two other judges will be two of the best here on Bleacher Report: Renee Gerber and Iam The Real Deal Yo'. Here are the links to our pages for those curious:




The articles must be submitted before every Saturday. This will go on until we are down to the final two competitors, in which case we choose a winner.



The main prize is really the ability to call yourself the best women's wrestling columnist in BR today, BUT, as an added bonus, I'll create a graphic of your choice along with a winner poster specifically for you. This can be a Twitter layout, BR icon, and so on and so forth.

So why are you still reading this? Get to entering! 

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