Jenn Sterger Isn't Greedy For Wanting Money; She's Just Being Smart

Gene ZarnickCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2010

Are people born greedy?  From the day out of the womb, we're told we can be what we want to be, do what we want to do and nothing is unachievable.

Our goal in life isn't to help others. It's to help ourselves first, and along the way if we just so happen to improve someone else's life, then we did something right.  For some people these things can coincide; helping others is helping yourself.

Let's face the facts here.  If your life mission and career path is in line with helping others, then you're doing it for yourself.  You enjoy the satisfaction from the joy others get from you, you appreciate the gratitude or you want to make a difference and that's the reason you do it.

No one is working at a job for 10 years doing charity work and coming home everyday and saying, "This sucks."  The compensation isn't enough for anyone to stay in this career path and then claim that they don't get anything out of it.  They do.

On the other hand we have the business world that is filled with so-called "greedy" folk, people who are ruthless, overly compensated and only care about themselves.  Are these types of people out there?  Definitely, but to classify them all as greedy isn't correct.

Just as everyone is born greedy, they are also born different.  The differences could mean that I want to make the most money I can while you may want to help the most people you can.

Does this make me greedier than you?  I don't think so.  I think everyone has the right to do whatever they want and achieve whatever they can achieve. As long as you are doing it in a ethical manner, I don't consider it greedy.

Greed to me is taking anything you didn't earn or wasn't given to you in a just cause.  If you cheat on your taxes, take an extra piece of Halloween candy or accept the Nobel Peace Prize while still at war, then I'd probably consider you greedy.

One person who isn't greedy is Jenn Sterger.

Recently numerous reports have been transcribed stating that the ONLY thing Jenn Sterger wants is money from Brett Favre.  Isn't it fascinating how a person can be perceived just by using the world "only" in the title of an article?

I think everyone understands what happened during the Favre/Sterger situation.  Jenn Sterger was an employee for the New York Jets and during Brett's time there he repeatedly called her, had other Jets staff members contact her for him and inappropriately sent her pictures that not even his wife would want to receive from him.

What did Jenn do wrong in this situation? Nothing, absolutely nothing.  She didn't respond to him or participate in an affair.  Instead, she negated his advances and eventually quit her job because of the awkwardness.

Now that the evidence has surfaced and the NFL is finally cracking down on the legend of the league, the commissioner wants to get all the details from Ms. Sterger so he can punish Mr. Favre accordingly.  Problem is, she doesn't want to.  Instead she'd rather get paid off, keep the dirt under the rug and move on.  You can say that's greedy; I'll tell you it's smart.

Why would she want to participate in placing the scarlet letter on Brett Favre's jersey? She doesn't need to be a Good Samaritan to the NFL.  What's the benefit to her?

The NFL doesn't care about the victims. They care about punishing the players so they can look like they are taking retribution against the party charged.

If Jenn Sterger wants money to not talk, then let her take the money.  Hopefully it's millions.  At what cost is it to Brett Favre to totally not have his public perception ruined?

Taking the money is the smart move.  She gets a paycheck, doesn't have her name associated with Brett Favre in every single conversation forever and still proves her story in the end.

She isn't greedy. She's smart and receiving payment for a just cause.

There are so many other instances where women exaggerate the truth when it comes to athletes and make claims about things that didn't happen.  Those are the ones the women that should be vilified.

The real question is what the NFL is going to do to Brett?  Are they going to take a stand with the evidence they have and suspend Favre or will they let this situation pass because Brett paid her off?  I'm guessing the latter.

The only greedy parties in this saga are Brett Favre and the NFL.  Both will do whatever benefits them the most in an unethical manner so they can be viewed better in the private eye.

Instead of claiming a person is greedy for making a large paycheck or a person is greedy from having unnecessary material items, start looking at real greed and who's really to blame.