WWE SmackDown! Results (10/22) - Bragging Rights Preview Matches, Orton Vs. Kane

Duane DooganCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2010

Yes sir, we promised you a great main event…

RAW & Smackdown Teams Make Tonight's Matches

The show began with the participants in the Bragging Rights match in the ring with Teddy Long. Long said for the first time he wouldn't be making the matches tonight and let the matches be decided by the wrestlers.

The Miz claimed the ratings would go up because of his appearance tonight on the B-Show and said that in a 6-man tag match he'll team with Ezekiel Jackson and the former WWE Champion Sheamus.

Big Show replied by picking Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio as his partners for the match. Edge chimed in and made a match between himself and CM Punk, who wasn't too pleased.

John Morrison came back from promo school and cut a short but sweet piece on Alberto Del Rio and challenged him to a match.

Finally, Jack Swagger said he would face Santino who has the worst finisher in the WWE and vowed to wipe the uni-brow off his face. R-Truth wasn't on the show like RAW, so Tyler Reks doesn't get a match tonight.

6-Man Tag Team Match

The first match of the night was the six-man tag team match and we kicked off with Sheamus and Rey Mysterio, the Celtic Warrior was impressive early on throwing Rey Mysterio around.

It's hard to believe that both men were World Champions as the size difference is amazing.

Rey eventually tagged in Kofi, who came in with a lot of momentum and knocked Sheamus out of the ring. Rey hit a diving attack off the apron onto Sheamus as we went to the break.

When we came back, Jackson was overpowering Kofi Kingston, and the commentators were definitely making Jackson look good, talking him up since his return to WWE this past week. Jackson tagged in Miz who corned Kofi for some attacks before tagging in Sheamus.

Kofi tried all he could to get the tag to his team, but Sheamus kept him in and again tagged in Miz. He tried to prevent Kingston from making the tag but Kofi eventually tagged in Smackdown captain the Big Show, who knocked The Miz down with a clothesline as the ring filled up.

Show back body dropped Sheamus and Zeke picked up Mysterio only to be knocked down by Big Show, Miz tried to hit an axe handle off the top only to land himself a Chokeslam. Show tagged in Mysterio who hit the splash for the pinfall.

Having the captain suffer the pin? Not sure if that makes sense going into Bragging Rights, but regardless Smackdown looked impressive teaming together in this prelude to the pay-per-view.

The announcers hyped Randy Orton's rare Smackdown appearance as he was here to take on Kane in a Champion vs. Champion match tonight and then we had a recap of the John Cena / Nexus program.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie backstage with Josh Matthews

Josh showed footage of Daniel Bryan challenging Ziggler and locking in the LeBell Lock this past week on RAW. Ziggler claimed he was jumped from behind and thought it was a fan wearing his dad's old underwear and his grandfather's beard.

He said this Sunday the match is like a high school football team against the Superbowl champions. Short promo that doesn't give either man a lot of time to promote the feud, with all the RAW talent on tonight's show was it too much to ask for a Daniel Bryan appearance? Let's hope the match this week is better than the promotion for the match.

Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella

The announcers called Santino RAW's secret weapon and as the match kicked off there was huge Santino chants. Swagger took control and hit a lot of amateur wrestling holds and take downs early on.

Swagger's eagle mascot tried to get in Santino's way only to be cut off by Hornswoggle's music who came running to the ring with a Smackdown flag and Santino hit a Cobra on the eagle and Hornswoggle followed up with a Frogsplash.

Midgets, Eagles, Cobras and Frogs all in a wrestling match. Santino got in the ring and set up for the Cobra on Swagger only to get caught in the Ankle Lock. Marella tapped out and Swagger got the win.

We were treated to a guide on how to keep our lips beautiful by "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison

Alberto Del Rio made his entrance first followed by Morrison who seems rejuvenated in recent weeks. The match began with Del Rio working on Morrison in the corner and began toying with Morrison going a few unsuccessful pin attempts.

Morrison got a quick roll up that Alberto was just about to kick out of before getting the upper hand, dodging the diving attacking him in the corner and hitting a nice spinning kick for the two.

Del Rio once again took charge with a perfect German Suplex with a bridge but again just a two count.

Del Rio went for his signature kick to the face in the corner that Morrison had well scouted and ducked out of and went for Starship pain only to land on Del Rio's knees. Alberto locked in his armbar and Morrison tapped out.

In 2010, an armbar is a terrible finishing move, but Alberto Del Rio executes the move so perfectly that its not only a valid move but a believable and great finisher. The announcers remind us that the tag match will be elimination this Sunday unlike last year.

Edge vs. CM Punk

The crowd were firmly behind Edge from the beginning as the two spent the early on trading headlocks. Punk got the first real offense in attacking the Rated R Superstar with shoulder thrusts in the corner until Edge managed to turn things around.

Edge knocked down CM Punk with a big boot only to miss a diving attack on the ropes to once again give Punk the advantage.

Punk hit a suplex onto the ropes and Edge fell to the outside as we went to a commercial. We came back with Punk attempting a springboard clothesline that Edge managed to catch into a powerslam and used this momentum to unleash a series of attacks on Punk.

Punk hit a knee to the stomach and only got the two and began showing his frustration. Edge hit the impaler DDT and likewise only got a two count.

Edge was gearing up for the Spear when Miz & Alex Riley pulled Edge out of the ring and threw him against the barrier giving Edge the win by DQ.

Kofi ran in and hit a Trouble in Paradise on Riley but got hit with a Skull-Crushing Finale by Miz who turned around and landed in Torture Rack-DDT from Tyler Reks. Morrison ran down and hit Reks with a twisting DDT but was attacked by Del Rio who knocked him out of the ring, Ezekiel Jackson ran to the ring and hit the Book Of Zeke on Alberto but was then caught in an Ankle Lock by Swagger who ran out to the ring.

As the submission was locked in Santino walked out with a purpose and set up the Cobra only to get hit with a Gut-Wrench Powerbomb from the All-American American but Sheamus ran out and took him out with a Brogue Kick (People have corrected me on this saying its called a Bro-Kick, I'm Irish and Brogue is Irish for shoe or boot, so I'm pretty sure it's Brogue Kick).

Big Show hit a Chokeslam on Zeke but also fell victim to the Brogue Kick but when he turned around Rey Mysterio was in the ring and hit the 619,.

He began to celebrate but CM Punk came back into the ring and knocked him out with the GTS, only to turn around and get hit with a Spear as Edge finished where this huge spot fest began. It was pretty hectic for a few minutes!

LayCool vs. Natalya & Kelly Kelly

Laycool were dressed as Natalya and Bret Hart making fun of the Hart family, Layla had a Jim Neidhart beard on, as Matt Striker pointed out McCool looked more like Otto from the Simpsons than Bret Hart.

Usual short women's match which finished when Natalya forced Layla to tap out just two days before their match at Bragging Rights. Kelly Kelly was irrelevant and never even got into the match.

The most interesting thing in the match was when Striker said if Smackdown win on Sunday then Michael Cole has to commentate next week in a dress and if RAW wins then Todd Grisham has to wear the dress.

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Kane made his entrance first with Paul Bearer who was carrying the urn that shows the effects of the lightning that hit it last week.

Kane wasn't prepared to waste any time by going for the Chokeslam in the opening minutes until Randy Orton prevented it and himself called for the RKO only for the Devil's Favourite Demon to roll to the outside away from the WWE Champion.

Orton followed to the outside and  got dropped with a clothesline before Kane began using the ring as a weapon throwing Orton into the side of it on a few occasions as we go to a commercial.

We came back with the World Champion still with the upper hand going for a pin, but Orton kicked out. Kane began trying to wear down Orton again bringing him outside and throwing him into the ring steps before rolling inside attempting the pin, not wasting any opportunity to win but Orton kicked out.

Kane hit the clothesline off the top rope which was followed by yet another unsuccessful pin and once again went for the Chokeslam before Orton powered out.

Orton tried to knock Kane down with a few clotheslines but managed to get the Big Red Machine off his feet with a powerslam and then hit the rope DDT and called for the RKO.

Kane powered out and went for the Chokeslam as the arena went dark and the Undertaker's bell tolled. When the lights came back on, Orton used the distraction to hit the RKO and get the three-count to win the special inter-brand match.

Following the match the bell tolled once more and Undertaker came through the ring and dragged Kane into the hole while he screamed out to close the show.


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