Calling Tag Teams....Where Are They??

Michael Null Contributor IAugust 21, 2008

             Remember not to long ago whenthe WWE had a tag division? When we saw teams like APA,The Hardys,The Dudleys, Edge and Christian, and The Brothers of destruction? When we saw these teams fly through the air and take out each other? So, where has all the excitement went in the tag division? My answer is down the drain.

   Like I have said before it's not good to go backwards, but I like  a lot of fans miss the tag teams. I understand that teams are broke up and brought together for a story line, but once a team is broke up shouldn't there be one to replace it? I'm not saying that very night but at least a few weeks. If this would happen we would not get teams like Batista and Cena.

   In the eary 2000's we has fans were spoiled  with the mentioned teams. The matches that these teams put are some of the greatest ever.  Now tag teams don't exist or so it seems. It's not due to lack of talent we have seen teams like Duce and Domino , Kedrick and London, Cade and Murduch, Crime Tyme, even The Highlanders. In my opinion the WWE don't use these guys in the right way.

    To fix the problem here is what could be done. First, you unify the tag belts. Second, you move the tag team wrestlers to one show and make them exclusive. Last but not least, you write good story lines for these teams.  Now, I'm not saying these guys should be in a tag team forever, but give them enough time to establish they're self's then move on to bigger and better things. So, WWE where is the tag teams we all want to see??