The Idiots Guide to Beating the Phoenix Coyotes

Derek PivkoCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2010

Lee Stempniak became the third player this season for score a hat trick.
Lee Stempniak became the third player this season for score a hat trick.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Phoenix Coyotes typically know whether they are going to win or lose, depending on who scores first. This season, the Coyotes are 2-0-1 when they score first and are 0-2 when their opponents score first.

The statistics mentioned above were frequently discussed last season and, if history does prevail, then the Coyotes are in good shape this season. Last season, the Coyotes were 37-5-2 when they scored the first goal. However, the Coyotes were also a disappointing 12-23-3 when their opponents scored first. The numbers do not lie as this chart demonstrates.

Coyotes Score First:  37-5-2

October: 7-2-0
November:  4-1-1
December: 8-0-0
January: 7-0-1
February: 2-0-0
March: 8-2-0
April: 1-0-0

Opponent Score First:  12-23-3

October:  2-2-0
November: 1-7-0
December: 2-2-3
January: 1-5-0
February: 2-3-0
March: 2-3-0
April: 2-1-0

Attention NHL head coaches and hockey fans, if the Coyotes show that they are better than last year’s team, as some writers believe, then in order to beat the Coyotes, you need to score first. The Coyotes have played only five games this season and already resemble last year’s squad.  There have been games where the Coyotes have displayed brilliance with the puck, getting great shots and goals. Then, there have been the games where their opponents have gotten the best of them.

The numbers clearly dictate the difference between the Coyotes scoring first opposed to their opponents. Tomorrow night, the Coyotes host the Carolina Hurricanes, a team which the Coyotes shut out last March.

Let’s see if history repeats itself tomorrow night.