College Football Poll: The Intuitive Top 10 and the Weekend Before Halloween

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIOctober 22, 2010

Patrick Peterson of LSU strikes the Heisman Trophy pose after a big punt return touchdown against West Virginia, September 25, 2010.
Patrick Peterson of LSU strikes the Heisman Trophy pose after a big punt return touchdown against West Virginia, September 25, 2010.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Stupidest Halloween story ever, a Boise State/TCU parallel:

A man is in college.  He and his girlfriend decide to go for the pimp/prostitute costume.  She's the pimp.  He's convincing, especially with the gams.  She runs off with another guy for the evening, and he's dressed like a woman.

Best thing about that story: It happened during disco.  Doesn't count. 

Here are the Intuitive Top 10 and the Possibilities:


Louisiana Tech Visits No. 1 Boise State

This Tuesday night, October 26, the ESPN2 matchup puts the Western Athletic Conference on display.  The Bulldogs from Terry Bradshaw's old team checked in preseason at 101 with  Possibility: Boise State, convincing.


Air Force visits No. 2 TCU

The Falcons strafed the Associated Press Top 25 earlier this season.  Be wary of the athletes from the service academies.  They're intelligent, competitive and they never give up.  Possibility: TCU, in a close game.

Parallel to the Halloween story and Boise State/TCU: Always know who you will be in the morning.


UCLA visits No. 3 Oregon:  Oregon 60, UCLA 13

This ranking is brought to you by the number 47, a margin of victory not to be ignored by computer services.  That's why they have human polls.


No. 8 LSU visits No. 4 Auburn

LSU wins weird and Auburn just wins.  It'll be the end of the season until we know if the SEC will send its annual representative to the National Championship.  The winner of this game can get the suitcases out, but don't open them.  Possibility: LSULucky and Strange Usurper.


No. 5 Oklahoma visits BCS No. 11 Missouri

The Sooners are miffed that the human polls, even the Intuitive Top 10 Poll, are not giving them the time of day.  Possibility: Oklahoma will match this big win with those against Florida State and Texas in Dallas.


No. 6 Alabama visits Tennessee

With a meeting in Baton Rouge against No. 8 LSU coming up, along with No. 4 Auburn a few weeks later, might as well get the party started to the incessant "Rocky Top."  Possibility: 'Bama, bonkers.


Purdue visits No. 7 Ohio State

This is the first of the five Big Ten "Claw Back" games.  Purdue cheer: "That's all right!  That's okay!  We're going to be your boss someday!"  Possibility: Buckeyes, big ugly win over Boilermakers.


No. 9 Michigan State visits Northwestern

What?  No Ohio State?  Luck o' the Sparty and Skill with the Whisky.  Warm-up in Evanston is prep for Iowa City.  Possibility: Michigan State, huge.  Purdue plagiarized cheer from Northwestern.


Colorado State visits No. 10 Utah

Utah featured columnist explains in no uncertain terms the domination of the Utes in Salt Lake City.  Beware, Horned Frogs, it is said.  Possibility: Utah is ready.

Enjoy your college football weekend!